Haemorrhoids are also known as Piles that occur in the body as swollen veins need immediate attention and treatment. Quick symptoms are constipation, bleeding, rashes, itchiness and irritation at the affected sight. 

The following foods are the top recommended foods to prevent any further complications and bring ease to the affected area. Therefore, give your diet some big shifts and replace every unhealthy food item with a healthier choice. 

Top 15 Foods to Fight Haemorrhoids

1. Legumes

Contain plenty of fibre that is extremely essential to prevent Hemorrhoids. appearing to the surface and causing discomfort to the health of a person. The content of fibre can be easily divided into two types soluble and insoluble. These both are found in Legumes of which soluble is found more in amount. 

Some of the common examples of Lagunes are peas, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts and soybeans.

2. Whole grains

Contain fibre, especially insoluble fibre and loads of nutrition. 

Whole wheat grains are the powerhouse of supplying healthy nutrients to the digestive system, strengthening the immune system and boosting the whole body. 

This ultimately results in bringing relief from the discomfort and pain caused by the problem of piles. 

Some of the best to prefer whole-grain food items are brown rice, barley, spelt, oats, corn, quinoa, bread and whole wheat flour. 

3. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables

Again, another amazing source of insoluble fibre and rich in healthy properties. Also, these are popularly known for their anticancer properties as well. 

Some of the healthiest cruciferous vegetables are cauliflower, arugula, radishes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, turnips, bok choy and cabbage. 

4. Root Vegetables

Some vegetables that grow best under the ground such as turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, potatoes, and rutabaga are excellent sources of foods that are loaded with nutrients. 

Therefore, taking some amount of it every day, ultimate is the best possible solution to gain a healthy body and helps to successfully fight haemorrhoids.

5. Squash

To dinner time, may it be winter or summer, squash is the best and most fibrous as well as filled with good nutrients. 

There is a good list of varieties to choose from which includes acorn squash, pumpkin, butternut, zucchini and yellow squash. 

Out of these acorn squash is considered the best source for patients with haemorrhoids. 

6. Bell Peppers

This vegetable is preferred because of its rich water content. It is a great naturally hydrating option. 

Fewer fibres but its water content makes it equally a healthy option for haemorrhoid patients. 

7. Celery

This is a similar crunchy vegetable that is loaded with an ample amount of water content. It can be easily added to different food items such as soups, and or a dip. A healthy option to ease constipation and soften stools. 

8. Cucumbers and Melons

If looking for the best solution to boost digestion and strengthen it, along with celery and bell peppers, add some as well as a cucumber to your regular diet. These bring with them plenty of fluid (water) and fibre. 

9. As much as vegetables are an amazing solution, know that fruits such as pears are excellent fighters of haemorrhoids. pears with their peel on are proven to be high in fibre content. 

10. Apples

After pears that give the same level of fibre content and ultimately prevent haemorrhoids are Apples. 

It softens the stools, releases the abdomen of any constipation or discomfort and helps to empty the stomach of any ill health. 

11. Raspberries

Another perfect support for those patients with haemorrhoids. It treats the condition with its excellent fibre-packed properties by acting as a powerhouse.

Also, it contains various nutrients that ensure less straining while regular bowel movements.

12. Bananas

When a person experiences haemorrhoids, some signs physically start to appear and cause discomfort. 

For this, having a banana and ultimately using its healthy properties can help boost resistant starch as well as pectin. These two when are together, greatly help to fight haemorrhoids. 

13. Artichokes are

Filled with nutrients and healthy fibre content. It helps feed the healthy bacteria that reside in the gut. 

Some research states that these artichokes sometimes give beneficial gut bacteria and result in an overall healthy gut. Therefore, best for the prevention of Piles. 

14. Stewed prunes For

Those with constipation (which is one of the major causes of Hemorrhoids), having a regular amount of prunes is great. It helps both the digestive system as well as eases the stools. 

15. Fluids

Lastly, anything that contains loads of fluid or water in it helps to release the stuck condition of haemorrhoids. 

The fluids simply help any hard stools to soften quickly and help the bowel movement regulate very smoothly, without pain or excessive straining.  


The best way to treat haemorrhoids, one can start focusing on natural ways at home. But, don’t ignore any occurring or reoccurring symptoms. In case the condition continues to grow or are currently facing any complications, immediately reach out for a free consultation with Glamyo Health. 

Take the help from best doctors, medical coordinators and medical facilities at an affordable price and completely get rid of haemorrhoids 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What foods make haemorrhoids worse?  

Spicy food, fried foods, and extra sugary or salty foods packed and processed foods are some of the worst food options that strictly need to be avoided with developing or developing Haemorrhoids. 

Also, in case of a chronic condition of Hemorrhoids, get it immediately checked as well as treated by consulting an experienced doctor. 

Q. What foods should you take in haemorrhoids?

Whole wheat, root vegetables, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, Artichokes and plenty of fluids are some of the most preferable food items best suited for those with haemorrhoids, developing or developed. 

Q. Is eating eggs bad for piles (haemorrhoids)?

Eating eggs is alright and at times results in helping the digestive system stimulate strength and helps during haemorrhoids. But, enduring that excess of anything can be harmful.

Q.  What foods should I eat to prevent haemorrhoids?

Whole wheat, citrus fruits, root vegetables, legumes, artichokes, bell peppers, green left vegetables, berries and fluids are some highly picked daily food items to deal with haemorrhoids.

The aim is to eat anything that contains high fibre, a mole amount of proteins, nutrients and more such healthier properties and to attain that, many healthy options are now available to the market. 

Q. What happens if haemorrhoids aren’t treated?

Usually, haemorrhoids go away on their own. But, in those cases when haemorrhoids don’t go away on their own and are not treated within time they can get clotted and create much more severe complications and can lead to life-threatening situations. 

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