What is Tonsillitis? 

Tonsil Surgery – Tonsillitis is a medical condition where the tonsils are inflamed while working forward as a defence mechanism to protect the body from any infectious presence. 

This is when two oval-shaped pads of tissues (also known as tonsils) are found at each end, at the back of the throat area and are effectively fighting bacterial as well as other infections. 

What is Tonsillitis surgery?  

When these tonsils develop more frequently in the same year, due to viral infections such as flu or a common cold, it becomes essential for the patient to get it checked and removed through tonsillitis surgery. 

Types of Tonsillitis?  

Tonsillitis is a major of three significant types which are closely linked to the severity of the condition faced by each patient separately. These are 

  • 1. Acute tonsillitis conditions include viral infections and are generally found in school-going children, but can also occur in other age groups. 

Also, in some cases, a bacterial infection can lead to acute tonsillitis. Thus, the best-suggested solution is taking antibiotics as prescribed by the concerned doctor. 

  • 2. Recurrent tonsillitis condition The second type of tonsillitis is when a person repeatedly gets infected with tonsillitis, that too more frequently. 

In such a case, antibiotics may or may not work to completely remove the tonsils from the throat. Thus, undergoing surgery becomes the safest and only option. 

  • 3. Chronic tonsillitis condition This type of tonsillitis is the most severe of all the three types. 

This is when the tonsils cause infection, last for much longer than normal and do not get any better, it results in a chronic condition of tonsillitis. 

The surgery options for tonsillitis? 

Two best-known options for the successful threatened and surgical removal of tonsils, as well as adenoids, are Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. 

These are often linked together because the surgical removal of any of the two is performed at the same time. 

The procedure of Tonsillitis surgery? 

Tonsillectomy is the best possible and safest surgical treatment done by the ENT surgeon to treat the painful condition of the tonsils. 

The tonsillectomy surgery procedure starts with the surgeon giving the patient general anaesthesia. Thus, the patient will be kept unconscious throughout the procedure. 

Firstly, with the help of surgical tools, the surgeon will carefully cut out the tonsils from both ends and through the sound waves or heat waves the infected tissues are destroyed and bleeding is stopped.

Recovery after Tonsillitis surgery? 

Tonsillitis surgery when done, can take up to 14 days (2 weeks) normally for the patient to fully recover from it. 

Further, the speed of the recovery is also determined by the strength naturally present in each person to absorb and heal, personally. the care taken by each patient and the various complications faced. 

Now, the following are some of the essential tips to follow after Tonsillitis surgery for a fast and smooth recovery. 

  • 1. Healthy diet Post-surgery, every patient is advised to follow as healthy and light as possible. 

This helps the proper functioning of the body and for recovery, the body receives good nutrients, fibre and proteins.

  • 2. Return to school or work after 10 days Post-surgery, each patient is advised to take at least 10 days gap from going to school or work. 

This is essential for a fast and safer recovery. Initially, coming in contact with the outer world can be harmful and can give a negative impact on the surgery. 

  • 3. Regular follow-ups Never miss routine check-ups with the concerned doctor. 

Going for regular follow-ups will help the patient track their recovery and discuss if facing any side effects. 

  • 4. Complete rest The most essential of all guidance is to take absolute rest. 

This is ultimately the fastest road to recovery. Rest, taking healthy meals and taking medicines on time will give speedy recovery. 

Is Tonsillitis surgery painful? 

Post tonsillitis surgery, it is most likely for the patients to experience Some amount of discomfort and pain. It can be mild to intense for some initial days. But, with regular dosage of medications and routine check-ups, it will eventually go away. 

Who needs Tonsillitis surgery? 

Tonsillitis is a medical condition, more often found in little kids or children of age group 5 years to 15 years. The reason is mostly, due to quick exposure to bacteria and viruses. 

Children, while going to school generally comes in contact with other children and that becomes the reason for developing tonsillitis. 

When to see a doctor? 

Consulting the concerned doctor after tonsillitis surgery is very essential. The patient is advised to regularly schedule follow-ups with the doctor. 

Also, immediate consumption must be planned whenever the patient experience any side effects or severe complications while recovering from tonsillitis surgery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the first signs of tonsillitis? 

Initial symptoms can be difficulty in breathing, tender lymph nodes, difficulty in swallowing food, having mild or intense levels of pain anywhere on the face, pain around the ears, fatigue, body chills or fever. 

People with Tonsillitis generally start to experience any of these as the first few signs of developing Tonsillitis. So, anyone with these signs must not ignore them. Make sure to immediately reach out to the doctor and get it correctly diagnosed. 

Q. Is tonsillitis serious?

Tonsillitis if left for too long can start causing various health disturbances and obstructions in the body. 

These instructions can be difficult while sleeping, difficult while normally breathing or can lead to the development of infections in surrounding parts or tissues. So, in case of tonsillitis, get it checked as well as properly treated. 

Q. How do you heal tonsillitis? 

The healing method of Tonsillitis can be approached according to the cause of developing tonsillitis. If a patient has developed tonsillitis due to the bacteria or virus, medically prescribed antibiotics can be effective.

At the same time, other effective ways can be by drinking warm water frequently, water gargles, and giving your throat complete rest. 

At last, if tonsillitis becomes more severe, and painful and is not able to be cured by the above methods, tonsillitis surgery such as tonsillectomy can be approached. 

Q. What should you avoid when you have tonsillitis?

Foods such as dry cereal, raw carrots, chips, a raw apple, crackers, spicy foods, greasy foods, pickles, tomatoes and toast are some of the foods that trigger tonsillitis more frequently. 

Instead, regular gargles, ample amount of rest, taking over-the-counter medications and foods such as oatmeal, honey, mashed potatoes and ginger can be taken during tonsillitis. 

Q. Will tonsillitis go away on its own? 

The recovery from tonsillitis naturally, depends on the symptoms that occur in each individual. 

That is if the symptoms are not visible yet or the symptoms are minor, tonsillitis can be cured naturally through gargles and an ample amount of rest. 

But, if the symptoms exceed, tonsillitis becomes a matter of concern and approaching the doctor becomes the accurate solution.

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