Tomato flu is spreading among Indian kids. It is a self-limiting viral infection, and the symptoms are generally after a few days. However, taking appropriate safety precautions will help in stopping this viral spread. 

According to a senior health department official, the guidelines for tomato flu have been circulated all over the state of Rajasthan, and doctors have been alerted to identify the flu-infected suspects. The tomato flu is a viral disease that affects especially the hands, feet, and mouth of the host. The signs of this flu include tomato-colored blisters that look like tomatoes as they enlarge and appear mainly on the hands. 

The major cause of this viral spread in infants is unhygienic practices, a virus spread through diapers, exposure to unclean surfaces, and unwashed hands that kids directly put into their mouths. 

Safety precautions for tomato flu include carefully isolating the confirmed as well as suspected cases and optimizing sanitary measures that will help in stopping this viral spread. This tomato flu virus is treated mainly by keeping the body hydrated by drinking lots of fluids, getting plenty of rest, and using a hot water sponge to get relief from rashes and irritations in blisters.

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