Thrombosed Haemorrhoids Treatment – Have you been struggling to get an accurate diagnosis and further procedures to completely get rid of thrombosed haemorrhoids? Well, thrombosed haemorrhoids are easy and quick to be diagnosed with guidance from an experienced doctor. 

Once you visit the doctor, the doctor will go into deeper layers to understand the root cause of your condition. This examination will let the patient become sure of the ailment that is causing such discomfort, help to take the right steps and get the treatment within time. 

Clinical evaluation for thrombosed external haemorrhoids  

Detect pain areas A thrombosed pain usually feels in the anal region. Thus, the doctor will check for it and other nearby areas being affected by blockages and pain. The doctor can ask for recent past pain experiences and currently feeling pain. 

Identify the pain-associated spots When the initial check-up is done. After knowing about the past pain areas, the doctor will check for any kind of mild to severe bulge or lump formed due to a thrombosed haemorrhoid. Also, the sign of swelling around the perianal tissue or redness in the expected affected area is checked. 

Internal inspection of anus area In cases of prolapsing or the bulge that is excessively growing, this physical examination will ensure curing it internally. 

Examination and diagnosis through the procedure 

Digital rectal test One of the most commonly done examinations in case of having blood loss while passing stools. Also, it helps in the examination of the condition of internal haemorrhoids. 

Anoscope test This takes up the detailed examination of the anal canal for further understanding of the case. This is done with the use of a special medical tool called an anoscope. It gives a deep visual understanding of the lower rectum. 

Sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, In addition, other tests are conducted to detect other complications of bleeding. For this tests like colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are performed. The common causes detected can be colorectal polyps, inflammatory bowel disorders and cancer. 

Detailed procedure to treat thrombosed haemorrhoids

To start with, the medical options available for the treatment can be over-the-counter ointment or medication, applying an ice pack and regular sitz baths for home care.  But, if the condition grows, consulting a doctor is advised for the correct diagnosis. 

Mainly, a thrombosed haemorrhoid uses an external thrombectomy. This is one of the most commonly used treatment methods. Under this, the surgeon uses local anaesthesia to temporarily numb the specific area and save it from experiencing any pain during the treatment  Then, the surgeon makes a small incision. This cut is made very carefully and the clot is left open to drain out completely. 


An accurate diagnosis helps in taking up the right decision. For further consultation or health check-ups, Glamyo Health stands strong as advancing medical health care to help the patient get accurate reports and treatment accordingly. 

Many ailments today have similar signs, symptoms and causes. Thus, making it difficult to find the difference between them and having delayed actions can worsen the condition. So, meet our expert doctors, get the ailment treated today and avail the benefits to have a smooth experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the condition of thrombosed haemorrhoids require treatment? 

In most cases, a thrombosed haemorrhoid gets treated on its own. For the initial few days, the pain feels terrifying or severe, but eventually, its effect decreases. Much of the discomfort and pain is felt on the very first day and especially within the initial hours is more, but later when the clotting gets reabsorbed, it gets better. 

In what condition does a thrombosed haemorrhoid occur?  

The condition of thrombosed haemorrhoids is usually seen when the blood flow is blocked and creates blood clots. These blood clots are then required to be drained through the available treatment procedure. 

Do the thrombosed haemorrhoids always burst out? 

When the haemorrhoids become thrombosed, they usually burst out specifically due to the excessive pressure that is built up around the anus area. Though this happens in cases of external haemorrhoids that surround the outer layer. 

For how long can a thrombosed haemorrhoid last? 

Thrombosed haemorrhoids getting completely treated takes a little time. The time required for absolute recovery from it usually lasts from one week to two weeks. Within this time, if it is diagnosed properly, the blood clot gets settled and the normal condition recovers. 

Can a person drain thrombosed haemorrhoids on their own?

Draining thrombosed haemorrhoids or any other type of blood clots from the body requires a trained physician’s supervision. Performing if a person performs it can give rise to multiple complications.

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