External Haemorrhoids Treatment – Are you one of those who have recently been diagnosed with thrombosed external haemorrhoids? Does it disturb you and hinder your daily activities?  Well, know all the possible treatments available according to the amount of the condition and by getting in touch with a good doctor, get yourself treated. 

Self Care 

This is when the condition of thrombosed haemorrhoids is mild and can be prevented or cured with simple home care. The home care methods include 

Regular exercising

One of the widely approached home care is regularly doing Yoga, meditation, pranayama, walking and fitness exercising practices. These regular physical warming-up activities can effectively boost the health condition and stop any ailment. 

But, at the same time, remember that any kind of strain or pressure can worsen the condition. Thus, physical activities should be light, relaxing and only anything that is suited for an individual. 

Changes in diet

Another amazing way to deal with thrombosed haemorrhoids condition at home is through bringing simple diet changes. 

This, not only lessens the effect of pressure during a bowel movement but reverses it by regulating the soft bowel movement. If experiencing this condition, know that the key is to add plenty of fluids and foods that are strongly rich in fibre content. 

Sitz Bath

An additional way of dealing with thrombosed haemorrhoids is certainly by preparing a sitz bath at home. By following this effective method 3-4 times each day for a few days, the healing will become faster. 


If you’re giving the thrombosed haemorrhoid at-home care, using medications such as over-the-counter medicines to get relief from pain is helpful to ease the condition. This includes ointments and painkillers.

Ice pack method

Giving the affected area the required coolness can help in getting relief from the inflammation and pain. This can be done through an ice pack, the most favourable way. 

Start Wearing Loose Clothes

Home care also includes understanding that wearing fit clothes can too give strain or pressure and cause haemorrhoids or worsen it. Thus, during this time, shift to wearing rather comfortable, loose and soft material clothing. 

External thrombectomy 

Post giving thrombosed haemorrhoid home care, if the condition doesn’t completely cure the patient is advised to get in touch with the right doctor for consultation. The doctor might further suggest a simple method to drain out the blood clot which is called external thrombectomy. 

In this method, the patient will be given local anaesthesia to numb the area and ensure that during the treatment, pain isn’t felt. Next, a simple cut will be made out to the area in which the clot is formed and the blood will be drained out completely. 

Surgical treatment 

The stage of surgical treatment occurs when the above ways aren’t curing the condition completely or the complexity of the condition is much more severe. These surgical methods include 


This method is mostly conducted only when the condition is severe. It is to eliminate the haemorrhoids. The procedure also the removal of any clots or blood vessels in the area. 

Its more invasive nature makes the surgeon uses local anaesthesia to numb the affected area before starting the procedure. 

Stapled hemorrhoidopexy

As the name suggests, this method involves the process to staple the haemorrhoids to their place. The surgeon prefers doing this procedure by firstly giving local anaesthesia to the patient. 

Rubber Band Ligation

This method uses an electric rubber band to block the blood supply surrounding the haemorrhoids. Thus, through this method, eventually, in a few weeks, the haemorrhoids are expected to shrink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a thrombosed external haemorrhoid get treated on its own? 

Yes, in most cases, thrombosed haemorrhoids are noted to release and reduce on their own. In some cases, even the treatment is not opt-in. Also, already recorded reports state that a normal thrombosed haemorrhoids case can take up to a week to shrink. 

This also depends on the amount of healing done. The pain is mostly felt in the very initial days, whereas after that the effect is reduced and the amount of pain also goes down. 

Can you get hospitalised for haemorrhoids?

Usually, a haemorrhoid is treated before it reaches such an intense or severe risk. Whereas, in rare cases, where the thrombosis bursts out, gives pain and can be infectious. 

The need to get admitted to the hospital might occur but this is just to keep the patient in proper observation to make sure that the condition does not increase abruptly. 

Do I need to visit the doctor for consultation for thrombosed haemorrhoids? 

Consulting a doctor is always going to help get relief from the ailment and to keep it in control from increasing. So, a visit to the doctor is important in most cases, where the ailment is mild to severe ailment. 

If the patient experiences some severe difficulties like a visible lump, bleeding, rectal pain, swelling or tear around the anus region. 

A doctor is the right one to approach for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Equally, even if the symptoms are mild, having a general consultation can simply prevent it. 

Which doctor to connect to for the removal of external haemorrhoids?

For the removal of external haemorrhoids approaching an experienced General Surgeon, a Piles Specialist or a Colorectal Specialist can be very beneficial. All of these have the required knowledge to study the aliment and guide the perfect treatment. 

If you’re looking forward to taking the Piles treatment, reach out to Glamyo Health without a doubt. Glamyo Health has expert and experienced Piles surgeons. Willing to give each patient a smooth and successful Piles surgery experience. 

What can shrink haemorrhoids faster?

Haemorrhoids can shrink faster by firstly trying some very basic yet effective home remedies. These remedies include the sitz bath method which can be scheduled for after every few hours for fast relief, changing the diet, this includes both adding some nutritious foods and avoiding unhealthy food items. 

Also, in a few situations, even an over-the-counter medicine can be taken, but make sure that it is medically prescribed by the doctor.

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