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Your smile says a lot about you, what you’re feeling, and sometimes what you’re hiding. For this reason, it is important for you to have a beautiful smile. However, with crooked and misaligned teeth people don’t feel that way and become conscious of their smiles. Find the best and most affordable Teeth straightening cost in Delhi to get your confidence back with a great smile.

The ever-changing technology and innovations in the field of dentistry have changed the way teeth straightening treatments are performed today. While earlier people opted for traditional metal braces that required you to go through a lot of discomforts, the advanced treatment of Clear aligners has now become the most preferred method of teeth straightening.

The clear aligners are custom-made with the support of advanced technology. A 3D digital scanner is used to scan your teeth and map your smile that helps in designing an aligner personalized as per your bite.

Advantages of Clear Aligners over Braces

The clear aligners use gentle and consistent force on your teeth to bring them in the aligned position and treat crookedness, teeth gaps, underbite, overbite, crossbite, or any other misalignment.

However, if you’re still confused about making the right choice for your teeth straightening solution here are 5 major advantages of Clear Aligners over Traditional Metal Braces that you must consider:


Traditional metal braces require you to extract your premolars that cause excruciating pain, constant irritation on your cheeks by wires & discomfort while speaking. Whereas, the advanced treatment of clear aligners allows you to wear them with the least discomfort. These don’t feel uncomfortable while speaking and sometimes even you forget that you have them on.

No Food Restrictions

Food plays an important role in our lives. We eat different meals to celebrate festivals and achievements, and we travel to other places to try local cuisines. Certain foods might be unpleasant, uncomfortable, or even painful to consume when wearing metal braces.

There is a huge list of food items that need to be avoided when undergoing the treatment of metal braces like caramel, popcorn, hard taco shells, third sticky candy, chewing gum, cheese, raw vegetables, etc.

Clear aligners don’t come with any food restrictions and you can always remove them before having a meal to thoroughly enjoy your favorite food items.


There’s no doubt that people are going to notice that you have your braces on. This sometimes shakes your confidence and you can’t help but feel embarrassed or self-conscious about having them. You tend to feel hesitant to smile in front of people and tend to hide it.

Clear Aligners are made of medical-grade, BPA-free plastic. This clear substance makes the aligners seem almost invisible when worn. When wearing aligners, the people around won’t even notice that you have them. You no longer have to be conscious and cautious of your smile.


Unlike traditional metal braces that are attached to your teeth and can’t be removed on your own in between treatment, clear aligners are mouth-guard cases that can be removed easily on your own without having to worry about a team of orthodontists getting the deed done for you.

You can remove and wear them anytime you feel like it. However, it is advised that you must wear the clear aligners at least 22 hours a day to see quick results.

Minimal Clinic Visits

Getting a teeth alignment treatment with Metal braces requires you to visit the dentist on a regular basis to get the brackets and wires tightened, teeth cleaning, monitoring, etc. This takes up a lot of your time effort and money. On the other hand, the treatment of Clear aligners includes minimal Clinic Visits.

In conclusion, you can now enjoy your treatment of teeth alignment with clear aligners being painless, seamless, pocket-friendly, invisible, removable, effective with no food restrictions. Take the right decision and choose clear aligners for your teeth alignment treatment

The Clear Aligners Cost

The teeth alignment treatment is not only advanced but affordable as well. You don’t have to face financial distress as the medical expense can easily fit inside your budget. Teeth straightening cost in Delhi ranges from Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 80,000. With pre-booking and available discounts at times, you can also avail of the treatment for anywhere between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 65,000.

The cost may however differ from one patient to another as the clear aligners are custom designed. The following factor may also affect the cost of treatment:

  • Doctor’s expertise & consultation fee
  • The complexity of your case
  • Duration of Treatment
  • Any additional Services being incurred
  • Other

Glamyo Health offers an outstanding team of Orthodontists that are skilled and trained in the field of Dentistry, particularly teeth alignment so that you experience the best treatment. The experts have been successful in transforming more than 30,000 smiles using cutting-edge technology in more than 15 cities.

The health care counselors assist you at every step of the journey from booking an appointment to getting the desired results with constant monitoring of your progress and even free follow-ups.

Book an Appointment Now with Glamyo Health Dental to begin your journey towards an enhanced smile and aligned teeth with the most Affordable Teeth straightening cost in Delhi.

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