So, we believe you have come up with the final decision to undergo Lasik eye surgery, and honestly, we feel you took the right decision for your eyes recovery from vision difficulties. 

Now, you have done your side of the work and it’s time that we provide you with the best guide to prepare yourself for your Lasik eye surgery. Read this blog and fully get prepared for healthy and happy eye surgery. 

Be Honest with Your Doctor During the Consultation 

While going for the scheduled doctor’s consultation, make sure that you are carrying all the necessary details of your medical history, any past surgery details, and current medication (if any). Your eye doctor must be familiar with all the details.

Be honest with your doctors and don’t hide anything such as your allergies or health issues. Being clear about your condition and sharing detailed information helps the doctor have a deep study of your case and provide you with accurate treatment. 

Eyes drops are only recommended with the doctor’s prior confirmation 

Firstly, in the case of taking decongestants or allergy eye drops it is better to directly consult your doctor and follow as they prescribe and equally the best idea is to temporarily avoid such eye drops for the best results from Lasik eye surgery. 

Next, in case of dryness in your tear film, it can be possible that you are probably advised to use some sort of artificial eye drops, which you must share with your doctor, so that the doctor, according to your condition, can suggest if you should continue to use it or stop for some times. 

Get yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water 

This means, drinking sufficient water as medical research says that our body is largely made up of water and this water that our body receives helps in the proper working of our body’s every tissue, cell, and organ. 

Water is the ultimate way to flush any waste present. The body keeps the body hydrated and brings fast healing. 

Further, laser eye surgery might show some temporary dryness in the eyes. So, it is very essential to stay hydrated. 

Strictly avoid perfume makeup or fragrance 

You must avoid any scented products, perfumes, or makeup. As it is said that any of these, especially make up creates a lot of difficulties while the surgery is performed as it may cause disturbances with the medications. 

Contact lenses before Lasik eye surgery needed to be avoided 

To avoid the distortion of the front surface of the eyes due to contact lenses, it is advisable to avoid wearing the lenses for some duration of time till the surgery is performed and during post-operative healing. 

Further, the duration of avoiding lenses is separated according to the different types of lenses available and what particular lens an individual patient wears. For this, interact with your doctor for the right guidance. 

Let someone else drive you on your eye surgery day 

Post-surgery, have this in your mind that your vision will be temporarily blurry, unclear, and sedative. This means, drinking by yourself will be a difficult task for you. So, take someone who can drink you both to the surgery center and back home. 

Inform your doctor before surgery in case of catching the flu 

The flu can get corrected with proper medications and precautions. So, before surgery, make sure to share any such condition with your doctor and if you have completely recovered from the flu before surgery, you can go along with the surgery if the doctor approves. 

Avoid drinking alcohol before Lasik’s eye surgery

Alcohol is dehydrating and makes a person’s mind numb to properly able to respond during the surgery and alcohol makes it simply difficult for the patient to focus properly. 

Though it is completely the patient’s individual choice to decide what to drink or what to avoid alcohol is harmful and especially in the case of having dry eyes, alcohol can simply make the dryness worse. 

Avoid caffeine before Lasik’s eye surgery 

Caffeine makes a person dehydrated, and jittery and does not let the person’s mind stay stable or relaxed. 

Before or during the Lasik eye surgery the patient must be calm and relaxed. So, it is recommended to strictly avoid the intake of caffeine. 

Calm your mental state before Lasik’s eye surgery 

Before surgery, the patient will be diluted with a sedative medication that works as an alternative to anesthesia for numbing the eyes. 

This means, the patient will be still in complete consciousness during the whole procedure and the patient’s attentiveness is fully required to understand the instructions properly and follow them accordingly. 

Make sure to learn all about post-surgery care 

You, as a patient, must be pre-prepared with a complete understanding of post-operative care. This provides a hassle-free and fast-paced recovery from surgery.

Final words 

With the above-detailed descriptions of what to do and what not to d before Lasik eye surgery, we believe you must now feel more confident to undergo the Lasik surgery without any hassles.  

Along with these tips, some general doubts include staying empty stomach or can. the patient eats before Lasik surgery, to this we say the patient can eat healthy foods before surgery. 

Don’t confuse it with other major surgeries that take hours to be conducted. It is a simple and quick procedure and the patient can go home the same day. So, don’t hesitate about anything. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I prepare myself for LASIK surgery?

Preparation for Lasik surgery is easy. It requires the patient to follow these given tips. 

  • 1. Instead of drinking by yourself, look for someone who can take you to the doctor for surgery. 
  • 2. Drink plenty of water and stay sufficiently hydrated. 
  • 3. Avoid wearing makeup or using perfume. 
  • 4. Follow the doctor’s every instruction given to be followed before reaching for surgery. 

Q. Does Lasik hurt the next day?

Lasik is a safe surgical procedure that does not cause any postoperative pain or discomfort to worry about. 

A slight scratching or itching is normal to feel, but this generally goes away in a few days. Further, if the issue continues, reach out to the doctor immediately. 

Q. What should I do the first 24 hours after LASIK?

Soon after Lasik eye surgery, the patient is recommended to take complete rest and make sure not to give any type of strain to the eyes. 

This includes avoiding using any gadgets, avoiding watching television or using the computer, avoiding reading, or doing any strenuous activities. 

Q. At what age is LASIK best?

The best-suggested age for Lasik eye surgery patients is between 25 years to 40 years. 

Generally, at around the age of 25 years, the patient’s eyeglass description gets stabilized which is a good factor for Lasik eye surgery. 

Q. Can I wash my face after LASIK?

May it be just washing the face or showering, after Lasik surgery, one of the primary guidance given by eye surgeons to the patient is to strictly avoid these activities. 

Q. Can I sleep right after LASIK?

Sleeping has a lot of benefits. So, especially post-Lasik surgery, sleeping or simply closing your eyes for 3 hours provides basic healing and promotes fast recovery. 

Q. How do you calm down before LASIK? 

Although Lasik is a safe, quickly done, and painless method of clearing vision issues. Some of the simple tips to follow a day or a night before Lasik’s eye surgery are 

  • 1. Listen to soft music to calm your mind. 
  • 2. Do palming exercises to give relaxation to your eyes. 
  • 3. Spend some time with a loved one. 
  • 4. Spend some time with fresh plants.
  • 5. Do deep breathing. 
  • 6. Be honest and open with your doctor regarding your current condition and clear all queries. 

Q. What you should know before LASIK?

A patient must know that Lasik eye surgery is an outpatient process, the patient is awake during the whole procedure, medicine is givelessenesser the amount of discomfort during the procedure and lastly, no stitches are given.

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