Looking for a detailed overview of Systane Ultra Eye Drops? Look no further! This product is designed to help diminish dry eye symptoms, including itchiness, redness, and burning. It also effectively treats other conditions, such as cornea problems and glaucoma. In addition to its uses as an eye drop, Systane Ultra Eye Drops can also be used to clear up watery eyes and reduce the amount of discharge from your eyes. So, whether you’re looking for an overview of the product or want to learn more about its various features, continue reading! In this post, we will explore the Systane Ultra eye drops uses, benefits, price, and side effects of this popular eye drop.

What are Systane Ultra Eye Drops?

Systane Ultra Eye Drops is a prescription eye drop prescribed for the treatment of certain eye symptoms. It keeps the eyes lubricated, thus giving temporary ease from the stinging and discomfort produced by eye problems. It also lowers eye redness and edema. They are available over the counter and are usually effective at treating mild to moderate symptoms of common eye conditions like dry eyes, blurred vision, red eyes, and eyestrain. They are also helpful in treating other conditions like keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS). KCS is an inflammatory disease that can lead to vision problems.

Systane Ultra Eye Drops Uses

Systane Ultra eye drops are used to improve the vision of people with eye problems. They work by reducing the amount of fluid in your eyes, which makes it easier for you to see. There are many other Systane Ultra eye drops uses that you should know about. These are: 

  • 1. Improving your vision while you’re working or studying.
  • 2. Reducing the severity of dry eyes syndrome.
  • 3. Treating glaucoma.
  • 4. Curing ocular hypertension (high blood pressure inside your eyes).
  • 5. Helping to prevent further damage from cataracts or eye problems.
  • 6. Treating KCS.
  • 7. Reducing eyestrain and promoting better sleep.
  • 8. Reducing the symptoms of red eyes such as discharge, sore throat, and headache.
  • 9. Preventing macular degeneration.

Systane Ultra Eye Drops Dosage

Systane Ultra Eye Drops is a medication used to treat a number of eye conditions. The dosage varies depending on the condition being treated. Also, you must consider the dosages as suggested by your eye specialists. However, the most common dosage for Systane Ultra eye drops is 1 or 2 drops twice daily. Avoid overdose in case you miss or skip it at a time. If you forget to take a dose of this eye drop, skip it and repeat your regular routine.

Benefits Of Systane Ultra Eye Drops

Mainly the Systane Ultra eye drops are used for treating dry eyes. Dry eyes occur when the eyes do not generate sufficient tears to maintain moistness of the eyes. It can be induced by lengthy periods of computer use, some prescriptions, or environmental circumstances. This ye drop moisturizes and lubricates the eyes. and relieves the burning feeling and pain caused by eye dryness. Take them out before using Systane Ultra eye drops if you use soft eye lenses. However, there are certain other benefits that this eye drop offers. Some of the advantages of Systane Ultra eye drops uses are as follows:

  • 1. Elimination of symptoms like dryness, stinging and burning.
  • 2. Enhancement in eyesight quality.
  • 3. Reducing redness and inflammation in the eyes.
  • 4. Providing ease from headaches and weariness caused by visual stress or eye strain.
  • 5. Heals the minor scratches to the eyelids that occurred due to rubbing the eyes.
  • 6. Restoring moisture levels in the eyes can aid in the prevention of future dry eyes.
  • 7. Aiding in improving eyesight in patients suffering from AMD or Macular Degeneration.

Systane Ultra Eye Drops Price

The price of Systane Ultra Eye Drops varies depending on the location, pharmacies, and online stores. The MRP of this eye drop is Rs. 494.00 for a 10 ml bottle. However, it usually falls within a narrow range between Rs. 440 and Rs. 490 per bottle.

Side Effects of Systane Ultra Eye Drops

If your healthcare provider has prescribed this medicine, understand that they have determined that the benefits to you outweigh the risk of adverse effects. Many persons with Systane Ultra eye drops uses have no significant adverse effects. However, in case any of the below-mentioned side effects occur, notify your doctor immediately:

  • 1. Pain and uneasiness
  • 2. Itching
  • 3. Irritation
  • 4. Ocular hyperemia
  • 5. Unusual sensation
  • 6. Blurred and uncleared vision
  • 7. Redness
  • 8. Swelling

Systane Ultra Eye Drops Substitutes

A few different types of eye drops are available on the market today. Still, Systane Ultra Eye Drops are considered to be the best option. However, some of the most known substitutes for this eye drop are mentioned below:

  • 1. Peglub Eye Drop
  • 2. Lacryl Hydrate Eye Drop
  • 3. PG Wet Eye Drop
  • 4. Cellwet Ultra Eye Drop
  • 5. Ecofresh Ultra Eye Drop
  • 6. Ultralife Eye Drop
  • 7. Aqua Ultra Eye Drop
  • 8. Sofirx Ultra Eye Drop
  • 9. Sanofresh Ultra Eye Drop
  • 10. Syslube Eye Drop
  • 11. Appe Eye Drop
  • 12. Ilumi Ultra Eye Drop

Consider These Tips Before Using Systane Ultra Eye Drops

If you’re looking for a new eye drop to help improve your vision, you should consider utilizing Systane Ultra Eye Drops. They have multiple uses and benefits and are available at a reasonable price for most people. Here are some tips to consider before the Systane Ultra Eye Drops usage for safe and effective results:

  • 1. Before using any product, always read the label thoroughly. To get the most out of them, carefully follow the guidelines on the bottle.
  • 2. While administering Systane Ultra Eye Drops, remember to keep your eyes open and avoid touching your eyes.
  • 3. Contact your doctor as soon as you notice any adverse symptoms, such as redness or blurred vision.
  • 4. Systane Ultra Eye Drops should only be used as your healthcare physician advises.
  • 5. Keep Systane Ultra Eye Drops away from youngsters.
  • 6. To prevent contamination, avoid touching the dropper end and don’t allow it to come into contact with your eye.
  • 7. Apply it within four weeks after you open the bottle.
  • 8. Soon after administering the eye drop, add pressure to the eye’s inner corner for roughly 1 minute. This will stop the medicine from draining. Avoid blinking or rubbing your eyes.
  • 9. Do not forget to close the dropper when not in use.

Is Systane Ultra Eye Drops Safe for Babies?

But, the safety of Systane Ultra Eye Drops for babies has not yet been fully established. It is still unknown whether it is safe or not. However, some potential side effects that could be experienced by infants who use Systane Ultra Eye Drops include eye irritation, blurred vision, redness and swelling of the eyes. In some cases, these side effects may be permanent. So, until further research confirms its safety, it is best to avoid the use of Systane Ultra Eye Drops for babies altogether.

Systane Ultra Eye Drops Dosage Adults

Systane Ultra Eye Drops is a prescription eye drop used for curing several eye problems, including glaucoma. The dosage for adults is one or two drops applied twice daily to the eye with a dropper.


The Systane Ultra eye drops have been formulated with the best ingredients to combat all types of eye problems. It provides quick relief from dryness and irritation while protecting your eyes from further damage. These drops are available at leading pharmacies as well as online websites. Systane Ultra Eye Drops have become a popular product due to their several benefits. And, with this, you can say that this eye drop is worth trying!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Systane Ultra eye drops used for?

This drug is used to treat dry, itchy eyes. Some prominent reasons that induce dry eyes are sun, air conditioning, more screen time, and other medications.

How frequently can I use Systane Ultra eye drops?

We should consult with our doctor about the appropriate dosages for the drug. However, administering it twice a day is an acceptable option.

What are the handling and disposal guidelines for Systane Ultra eye drops?

Store this medication in the original container, securely closed. Store it following the directions on the package or label. Remove any unneeded or expired medication. Ensure that your pets and kids do not consume them, as they may cause severe side effects.

How should we use the Systane Ultra eye drops?

Clean your hands before administering the Systane eye drops to prevent allergies and impurities. To administer the eye drop, lean your head back, gaze up, and draw the lower eyelid downwards to form a pouch into which you will ingest the drops.

Can Systane Ultra eye drops cause blurred vision?

Systane Ultra eye drops may cause temporary blurring of your vision. So, avoid driving or using heavy machinery after administering the eye drop.

Can I use Systane eye drops every day?

Any medication should not be used every day. However, if your eye doctor advises you to use it daily, you may continue until they ask you to.

What are the side effects of Systane eye drops?

Some uncommon but significant adverse effects include eye discomfort, visual changes, persistent eye redness or itching, eye swelling, etc.

What is the difference between SYSTANE and Systane Ultra?

SYSTANE Ultra is intended for dry eye individuals with aqueous deficiency. In contrast, SYSTANE lubricating eye drops are intended for people experiencing dry eye caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

Which eye drop is better, refresh or Systane?

The results will show no difference when comparing the refresh and Systane eye drops. Both medications show effective results in curing the issues of dry eyes.

Should SYSTANE be refrigerated?

No, SYSTANE products should not be kept in the refrigerator. These products should instead be kept at room temperature.

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