Swiggy is now offering an instant ambulance service for its delivery partners. People can just tap the SOS button on Swiggy’s mobile app or can ask for emergency services by just calling the toll-free number. 


Swiggy is focussing on enhancing the quality of services and facilities for its delivery partners. In view of this, the delivery company is offering ambulance emergency services for delivery partners, their spouses, and children free of cost. 

Swiggy has over 300K delivery partners across the nation who have enrolled in Swiggy’s insurance policy and will now benefit from the newly launched service. To initiate this ambulance service, the company has tied up with Dial4242 Ambulance services. 

The head of operations at Swiggy, Mihir Rajesh Shah, said that they ensure the utmost safety of their delivery partners, and we prioritize investing in operations centered on the safety and well-being of our delivery partners.

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