Stomach Liposuction, quick surgery with easy recovery. Have you been disturbed by belly fat? Wondering how it can be reduced? Here learn everything in detail. Give yourself a desired flat belly today with this comforting Liposuction treatment. The benefits are many and ensure to be long-lasting. So, first, let’s learn what Stomach Liposuction is all about. 

What is stomach liposuction?

In many cases, it has been found that the patients more often come up with a demand to get belly fat reduced as well as aim to gain a flat belly. For this purpose, a special stomach liposuction surgical method has been developed. 

By using the suction technique belly fat is removed from the body, specifically from the belly area along with reshaping or contouring the area to the desired shape. 

Thus, stomach liposuction results in removing loose belly, slim the stomach and brings required reduction to the belly fat. 

Causes of stomach liposuction 

Liposuction has been designed to get the patient’s desired body shape, of one or more body parts, which is excessively grown with fat cells. Thus, the main causes of getting stomach liposuction are for contouring or to bring the ideal abdomen shape.

Types of stomach liposuction treatment

Natural treatment for stomach liposuction 

Naturally too, a person can plan to bring desired belly shape. To do so, the ideal ways include

  • 1. Regular exercising 
  • 2. Health diet 
  • 3. Drinking plenty of water 
  • 4. Maintain a balanced weight

Non-surgical treatment for stomach liposuction

Multiple options have been made available for those who want to get stomach fat removal done. These options are given below

  • 1. CoolSculpting 
  • 2. Zerona 
  • 3. Liposonix 
  • 4. Vanquish
  • 5. Kybella
  • 6. UltraShape

Stomach liposuction before and after

Abdomen Liposuction or Stomach Liposuction is done to get the excessive amount of belly fat or fat within any part of the abdomen to be removed permanently. 

Thus, before the liposuction for the stomach and after the liposuction for the stomach do show a big shift  In most cases, the result is positive and patients have been satisfied. 

Before stomach liposuction

  • 1. Before getting a stomach Liposuction, every patient has expectations that they express to the surgeon, 
  • 2. The surgeon learns in detail about their medical history, a proper test is done to examine the condition and amount of fat that needs to be removed. 
  • 3. The surgeon explains everything about the surgery and other essential discussions is done.

After stomach liposuction

After the stomach Liposuction is done, the surgeon explains to the patient all the measures that need to follow for one or two weeks, prescribed medications are provided and the patient also asks about their concerns or doubts, if any.

Stomach liposuction recovery 

Stomach Liposuction, just like any other surgical procedure can take up to 1 to 2 weeks for the patient to recover completely. Though, the recovery time also depends on the following factors. 

  • 1. How an individual is consciously taking care of themselves. 
  • 2. Taking proper dosage of medications. 
  • 3. Keeping the affected area clean.
  • 4. Immediately talking to the doctor for emergency assistance
  • 5. Avoiding certain strenuous activities.  

It is essential to follow everything instructed by the doctor and which is a healthier option for the patients themselves. 

Stomach liposuction side effects

Potential side effects or complications that can be or are associated with stomach liposuction are as follows. 

  • 1. Contour irregularities
  • 2. Can become infectious
  • 3. Surrounding organs can be affected 
  • 4. Internal puncture 
  • 5. Numbness in the body or area 
  • 6. Recurrence of fat in the same area

Stomach liposuction cost

Stomach Liposuction has gained popularity in recent years. That is, it has escalated more in demand. An estimated price range of stomach Liposuction is 8,000 Rs to 50,000 Rs. 

Though this is an estimation only, ad for different cities and according to different factors the price can be more or less. But, most stomach liposuction surgery is often covered within this price range. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will liposuction reduce belly?

Certainly, Liposuction is effective to help a person gain the desired belly shape and successfully remove excess fat from the body. The treatment of Liposuction is safe and many have already reported a high rate of success. 

Liposuction in terms of getting rid of loose belly fat is considered a much better option than any other infant. Also, post Liposuction, to maintain a flat and healthy belly shape, add a good diet and regular exercise to ensure a long-lasting result. 

Q. How long does liposuction on the stomach last?

Liposuction aims to give a permanent result. So, its lasting impact is expected to be for a long time, 10-20 years. But, this doesn’t mean that a person gets the choice to neglect health by avoiding a balanced belly fat. So, to maintain a healthy belly shape, continue to have a good diet. 

Q. Is liposuction of the stomach pain?

Liposuction is done by giving the patient anaesthesia. Thus, with this temporary numbness, the patient won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Whereas, after the surgery, discomfort for a while is very natural to be felt by the patient. 

To cure this, get proper rest, take proper medication and dosage, interact with your concerned doctor in case of emergency and let the recovery gradually happen. 

Q. Why is my stomach still fat after lipo?

Though the aim of Liposuction surgery certainly is to eliminate fat cells from the body of the patient, remove them permanently in most cases. But, it is essential to remember that not always it is a guarantee that Liposuction can get a complete reduction of fat. 

Sometimes, it is still possible that some fat cells remain within the body. So, the best way to keep the fat cells from growing, again and again, is by taking the best possible care of your health. From recovery to time that continues. 

Q. Is lipo better than a tummy tuck?

The main difference between a tummy tuck and Liposuction lies in the idea that a tummy tuck’s main role is to bring back belly shape by pushing back any sagging or loose belly fat. 

Whereas, Liposuction is a modern stomach Liposuction treatment to remove fat from the belly and reshape it into the desired shape. So, both are better in their ways.

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