Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat – Exercise plays an important role in boosting your energy, and it can help in improving your muscle strength and enhance your endurance. Exercise is very beneficial as it delivers nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of your body, which further helps in enhancing the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. Let’s know about the best stomach exercises. 

Stomach exercises are done to strengthen the abs muscle and for flattening the stomach. The following stomach exercises are;-

  • 1. Scissors Leg-
  • 2. Straight Legged Sit Up
  • 3. Suitcase Sit Ups
  • 4. Supine Leg Circles
  • 5. V-Sit Hold
  • 6. Bicycle Crunch
  • 7. Reverse Crunch
  • 8. Dead Bug
  • 9. Jackknife
  • 10. Bear Crawl
  • 11. Plank Reach
  • 12. Forearm Plank
  • 13. High Plank
  • 14. Side Plank
  • 15. Plank Jacks
  • 16. Thread And Needle
  • 17. Russian Twist
  • 18. Bird Dog
  • 19. Commando Plank
  • 20. Boat Tucks
  • 21. Flutter Kicks
  • 22. Side Bend
  • 23. Weighted Sit Up
  • 24. Weighted Russian Twist.
  • 25. Lateral Pulls

These exercises are done to decrease the amount of body fat in their body to see their abdominal muscle. People want to strengthen their core because it helps them to stay free from injury, and the core includes a 3-dimensional box shape, i.e. abdominals, glutes, and the lower back muscles. 

These are the muscles that constitute a flat stomach

Pelvic floor muscles

It is done for supporting internal organs, i.e. bladder, uterus, and intestines.

Transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis

It is done for a functional movement like hinging, twisting, and bending and for stability. Generally, it refers to six-pack abs.

Internal and external obliques

These support the rotation of the trunk and respiration.

Erector spinae

It strengthens the spine and the back and helps in rotation.

Types Of Stomach Exercises

Aerobic or cardio exercise-

To melt the visceral fat from the body, you have to do 30 minutes of exercise or cardio in your daily life, which also helps in reducing belly fat and liver fat. Some of their exercises are

Walking, running, biking, swimming, cycling, and group fitness class like Zumba.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) –

  • 1. It includes those high-intensity exercises which are mixed with lower-intensity exercises. It helps in weight control and in reducing belly fat as it is a time-saving exercise. Each exercise has its routine and has exercises like pushing, pulling, squatting, deadlifting, and loaded carries.
  • 2. It comprises 30 seconds of high-intensity exercise as well as lower-intensity exercises. It can be repeated in sequence to get the maximum advantage.
  • 3. Some of the HIIT exercises are Jumping jacks, burpees, pushups, jump squats, and high knees.
  • 4. In these activities, you have to perform for 30 seconds and take a rest for 30 seconds and have to repeat the process for few more times.

Abdominal Exercises-

These exercises are done to remove the belly fat from the stomach area and form the waistline. It can be helpful for the stomach because it tones and flattens the stomach with a good source of exercise.

No gender restrictions are involved in this. Men and women can both do these exercises at home, and they can be done by any age group. Some of the exercises are 60-second planks, bicycle crunches, abdominal crunches, and leg lifts.

Weight and Resistance Training-

It plays an important role in reducing belly fat as muscles melt more calories than fat. More muscles in the body help to get rid of fat. Weight or resistance training helps to remove fat from the body, makes the body lean and also boosts the metabolism. These exercises are Bicep curls, lunges, squats, and triceps kickbacks.

You can use types of equipment by your preferences. You can do it with lighter weights multiple times and can also do it with heavier weights with fewer repetitions.

Benefits Of Stomach Exercises

  • 1. Helps in improving the sports performance
  • 2. Helps to reduce the lower back pain
  • 3. Helps to improve the posture and stability
  • 4. Helps to increase the ability to bear weight
  • 5. Helps in achieving the perfect waistline
  • 6. Helps to improve the breathing power with a better core
  • 7. Helps in strengthening the muscles and makes them stronger
  • 8. Helps in boosting the metabolism
  • 9. Helps in controlling weight

5 Best Stomach Exercises to reduce stomach 

  • 1. Flutter kicks
  • 2. Reverse crunches
  • 3. Lunges with front kicks
  • 4. Plank
  • 5. Mountain climbers

Flat Stomach Exercises

  • 1. Side planks
  • 2. Bicycle crunches
  • 3. Boat pose
  • 4. Decline oblique crunches
  • 5. Burpees
  • 6. Toe reaches

All these exercises help to make the stomach flat as it includes twisting, bending, and hinging of the muscles, which help in reducing the belly fat.

Side by side, you can also do these things like engaging yourself in physical activity and keeping yourself hydrating and taking a good amount of sleep and being positive in all situations and taking a balanced meal in your diet and do listen to your gut feeling to take care of yourself.

Stomach Exercises for Men

  • 1. Front plank
  • 2. Bird-dog
  • 3. Knee tucks
  • 4. Glute bridge
  • 5. Frankensteins
  • 6. Side plank
  • 7. Lunges
  • 8. Hanging knee raise
  • 9. Pushup to jackknife
  • 10. Stability ball
  • 11. Ab rollout
  • 12. Oblique crunches

Stomach Exercises for Women

  • 1. Side plank
  • 2. Reverse crunch
  • 3. Boat pose
  • 4. Alligator drag
  • 5. Sit-ups with towel
  • 6. Hip lifts
  • 7. Flutter kicks
  • 8. V-Sits
  • 9. V-Ups
  • 10. Leg Lifts
  • 11. Hollow Body Hold
  • 12. Hip Dips
  • 13. Toe Touches
  • 14. Deadbug

Exercise For Stomach Pain

Yoga poses can help to cure stomach pain i.e.

  • 1. Ujjayi breath or cobra breathing
  • 2. Legs up the wall pose
  • 3. Cat-cow pose
  • 4. Wind relieving pose
  • 5. Gentle spinal twist
  • 6. Reclining bound angle pose
  • 7. Embryo pose
  • 8. Bridge pose

Stomach Vacuum Exercise

  • 1. Laying down (supine)
  • 2. Standing up
  • 3. Kneeling (quadruped)
  • 4. Prone position (face down)
  • 5. Sitting

These exercises help in reducing the risk of back injury and back pain and make the waist look slimmer, and helps to strengthen the transversus abdominis.

Exercise After Delivery for Flat Stomach

  • 1. Forearm plank
  • 2. Reverse crunch
  • 3. Scissor kicks
  • 4. V – ups
  • 5. Bicycle crunches
  • 6. Flutter kicks
  • 7. Mountain climbers
  • 8. Walking
  • 9. Stretching and twisting
  • 10. Pelvic exercises
  • 11. Bridging exercises
  • 12. Pilates
  • 13. Aerobic training
  • 14. Hip exercises
  • 15. Yoga


It can be concluded that exercise is very beneficial as it delivers nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of your body, which further helps in enhancing the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. However, it is important to maintain your diet as well for quick results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

Cardio exercises can be helpful in burning calories and reducing your belly fat.

How to get rid of stomach fat in 7 days?

A healthy diet, avoiding alcohol, drinking water, and abdominal muscle workout can be beneficial in reducing stomach fat. 

Do planks burn belly fat?

Performing planks can be beneficial for your ab routine, but it is not much effective in burning belly fat. 

Do eggs burn belly fat?

Yes, eggs are low in calories which can be beneficial in reducing belly fat.

What are the vegetables that reduce stomach fat?

Dark leafy vegetables such as broccoli can help you in reducing your belly fat. 

What causes big stomachs in females?

Less exercise and a heavy diet are the major causes of stomach fat in females. 

What fruit burns fat?

Red grapes, raspberries, apples, and many more fruits are there that can help in burning your fat.

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