Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer. These cancer cells mainly start or begin in your stomach lining. After then, it grows deeper into the walls of your stomach as cancer develops. Stomach cancer is widespread around the world. It has also been seen that the symptoms of stomach cancer are unexplained stomach pain, and weight loss often does not appear in the initial stages. 

Before understanding the treatments and surgery of stomach cancer, let’s know about the symptoms of stomach cancer: the following.

  • 1. Loss of appetite 
  • 2. Weakness or fatigue 
  • 3. Indigestion and heartburn 
  • 4. Stomach pain above your belly 
  • 5. Uncontrolled weight loss 
  • 6. Troubling swallowing

Treatments for Stomach Cancer 


This treatment uses targeted energy beams such as X-rays to destroy cancer cells. Radiation can not effectively treat stomach cancer alone. However, it may be used with chemotherapy before and after the surgery. This treatment can help in relieving the symptoms of stomach cancer. 


This treatment uses drugs that help in shrinking the cancer cells that helps in quickly removing the cancer cells. Chemotherapy can help in killing the remaining cancer cells after the surgery. This can be generally used in combination with radiation. 

Palliative care

This treatment helps to improve the quality of your life if you are diagnosed with cancer. During this treatment, you will get special medical care involving nurses, doctors, and specialists, and it will be beneficial in relieving symptoms of stomach cancer. 

Targeted drug therapy

This treatment helps in removing the cancer cells by causing them to die. This technique also gets used in chemotherapy during advanced and recurring cancer. 


This treatment helps the immune system to determine and destroy the cancer cells, which may be challenging to detect. This is commonly used in advanced and recurring cancer. 

All these are the treatments that can help relieve the symptoms of stomach cancer. However, if these treatments are not working or cannot treat this condition, you must opt for surgery to treat cancer properly. 

Stomach cancer surgery 

The type of surgery depends on the spread of cancer cells. Your surgeon or doctor will recommend you remove the precancerous cells from your stomach. 


When the tumor spreads beyond the superficial layers of your stomach, then it is time you must get this surgery done to remove the cancerous cells from your body. During subtotal gastrectomy, the affected part of your stomach gets removed, and during total gastrectomy, your entire stomach will be removed. Then your surgeon will connect the esophagus to the small intestine so that you will be able to eat even after the surgery. 

Upper endoscopy

In the initial stages, when the cancer is limited and has not crossed the superficial layers of the stomach, then this surgery can be used to remove the cancerous cells. During this process, a gastroenterologist cuts the tumor from the wall of your stomach and removes them from your mouth. 


It can be concluded that stomach cancer treatments can help relieve the symptoms. However, if treatments do not work properly, you must consult your doctor for further treatment or surgery. If you have this condition, then you can connect with Glamyo Health. We provide free OPD consultation from our expert doctors, free pick-up and drop services, personalized care, and a caring buddy who will ensure the well-going surgery. Moreover, we also provide post-surgery follow-ups to ensure your well-being. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to treat stomach cancer?

Most of the time, cancer can not be treated properly. However, it is possible to get relief from the symptoms of stomach cancer through chemotherapy. Other than this, surgery can help in properly curing this condition. 

Does cancer spread fast?

No, it has been seen that cancer grows ro develops slowly, generally within a year or more. 

What is the recovery time after gastrectomy?

It will take around three to six months to recover properly from this surgery.

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