Let us  know more about Stomach cancer .What are its symptoms 

Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, starts originating in the inner lining of it. But once it starts increasing, it keeps growing and can be dangerous. However, the causes of stomach cancer are not clear yet. But there are some possible causes for the occurence of stomach cancer that are related to our day to day habits and lifestyle . Some of them are  here.

What are the causes of stomach cancer?

There are some causes of stomach cancer. Here are some mentioned

The genetic factors

Many people get health problems like cancer due to genetic and inheritance patterns. 

Infection due to some pathogen

There are many pathogens like bacteria, fungi, etc., that can affect the stomach in many ways and may adversely affect your health. You can get problems with stomach cancer as well.

Infection due to the virus

The disease stomach cancer is caused because of a virus like Helicobacter pylori. Viruses are a crucial factor pathogen in causing cancer. 

Due to stomach ulcers or polyps

Stomach ulcers and polyps are very harmful and might cause stomach cancer. 

Eating fatty food

Eating food containing trans fats and unsaturated fats is very unhealthy to eat as it can cause many health problems other than stomach cancer. Try to intake healthy and saturated fat-based food.

Excessive intake of spicy and pickled food

Too much or excessive spicy food is not a good choice for your digestive system. Try to eat less spicy food.

Not eating a balanced diet

Balanced food containing a good amount of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins should be eaten by an individual.

Not eating green leafy and fresh vegetables

Vegetables are a good source of nutrients and a healthy choice, but if you are not eating them, you might be welcoming many health and medical problems. 

Not eating vitamin-rich food

Fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals, and one individual should consume one fruit daily. Not eating fruits can create issues for you.

Habits like smoking

Habits like smoking excessively are not for your lungs and can also cause breathing problems. Smoking can also be a possible cause of stomach cancer as it contains tobacco, which is a prime factor of cancer. 

Consuming alcohol-based beverages

Alcohol-based drinks and beverages like wine, beer, rum, etc., are harmful to your health and might be one cause of stomach cancer. 

The problem of obesity

If you overeat fatty and oily food, it is essential to control such food habits as it could cause stomach cancer. 

Some could be the  symptoms of stomach cancer 

  1. The change in appetite =The appetite loss is a common symptom that can also be observed in stomach cancer. The appetite loss might be a serious sign and should be checked by the doctor at the right time. 
  3. 2. Difficulty in swallowing = The problem of difficulty in swallowing is one such symptom of stomach cancer. Stomach cancer directly or indirectly affects the digestive system. 
  5. 3. The feeling of weakness or fatigue = fatigue, and weakness is not a common issue and should not be ignored for a longer time.
  7. 4. Vomiting issue = vomiting and nausea is one of the symptoms of stomach cancer.
  9. 5. The change in weight = weight loss could be an issue to worry about, and it is also one of the symptoms of stomach cancer. 
  11. 6. Digestion problem = The digestive system gets affected by stomach cancer symptoms. This is so because the stomach is an essential element of the digestive system. The problems like indigestion and heartburn can also be observed. 
  13.  7. Blood flow through vomiting = The blood can be seen in vomiting if you have stomach cancer. This should be immediately consulted by the doctor.
  15. 8. The problem of acidity = The digestion problem can also create other difficulties, like indigestion and acidity.
  17. 9. The pain in the stomach = The pain in the stomach directly shows some significant issues with the body. The pain in the stomach can occur due to other reasons as well. 
  19. 10. The feeling of fullness = Not feeling hungry or feeling fullness, which could result in the loss of weight. 

However, if you observe any symptoms and issues, you must consult a doctor and get your diagnosis and treatment done. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the first warning signs of stomach cancer?

If you are observing problems such as nausea, weight loss, swelling of the abdomen, vomiting, the feeling of heartburn, acidity and indigestion, etc. 

Where does stomach cancer usually start?

Stomach cancer usually starts from the innermost lining of the stomach. There are many causes of stomach cancer, such as genetic inheritance patterns, the consumption of alcohol, smoking, virus and other pathogen attacks, etc.  

Is stomach cancer silent 

The early stages of stomach cancer could be silent. However, later you might start feeling pain in the abdomen, problems like vomiting, nausea, ache, acidity, etc.

What are the leading causes of the stomach cancer

There are many causes of stomach cancer. Some of them are genetic inheritance factors and attacks of a pathogen-like virus. Consuming a lot of alcohol-based drinks and beverages, not eating a balanced diet, not eating fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables, etc

Can stomach cancer be detected in a blood test?

Blood tests could be used to detect and diagnose many diseases. The blood test can be used to detect stomach cancer. However, it should be done only after the consultation of an experienced doctor. Blood chemistry tests can be used to know more about the stage of stomach cancer. It helps detect the early stages of cancer so that treatment can be done on time with the proper technique and method. Low blood count might also be due to stomach cancer. In these cases, the doctor recommends a stomach cancer test.

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