Every second Friday in September is designated as Stand Up To Cancer Day, which falls on September 9 in 2022. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about cancer. Furthermore, it’s a time to support various cancer prevention efforts. Research and scientists have rallied around the day since 2008, and it has helped to attract a large number of supporters.

History of Stand-Up to Cancer Day

This day, also known as National Stand Up To Cancer Day, was created to promote goodwill in the fight against cancer. This day is dedicated to spreading cancer awareness.

Additionally, it encourages action. This is a day when donations are encouraged. Specifically, the funds are used to advance cancer research. In the fight against cancer, scientists from around the world are encouraged to collaborate. Additionally, this special day is celebrated in more than 170 countries.

The leading cause of death in the modern world is cancer. The discovery was made decades ago, though.  It has been documented that cancer has existed since 3000 BC in ancient Egyptian manuscripts. The text does not mention the word cancer, but it describes cancer very well.

Hippocrates, also known as the father of medicine, was the Greek surgeon who named the disease ‘karkinos,’ which means crab in Greek. The disease has been carefully studied since then.

For the purpose of raising awareness about cancer, Stand Up To Cancer Day was chosen. The day is dedicated to evaluating the effects of cancer in our society. Cancer research funds are raised through telecasts and celebrity appearances. On May 27, 2008, a group of cancer-affected women came up with the idea and formed the program. In the aftermath of the first televised broadcast, over 100 million dollars were raised.

Ways Observe Stand Up To Cancer Day

There are three steps to observing the Stand Up to Cancer Day. Have a look:

Step 1: Watch the telecast

Stand Up To Cancer Day features a televised program. As part of the program, awareness is created about cancer and its effects on society.

Step 2: Make a donation

Making a donation is the best way to join the fight. Those funds are used to conduct cancer research.

Step 3: Use the Hashtags

On social media, you can use special hashtags to raise awareness. As a result, it helps inform many more people.

Importance of Stand Up To Cancer Day

The importance of Stand Up To Cancer Day is explained below. Have a look:

It helps create awareness

The purpose of Stand Up To Cancer Day is to create awareness about cancer. People are encouraged to learn about cancer on this day.

It helps to raise funds

People are encouraged to donate on Stand Up To Cancer Day through a telecast. The funds are used for cancer research.

It brings people together

The Stand Up To Cancer Day is an opportunity for people to fight cancer together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Stand Up To Cancer?

Stand Up To Cancer brings together the best minds to collaborate, innovate, and share cancer research so patients can receive the newest, most effective, and most promising cancer treatments as soon as possible. In addition to cancer prevention and early detection, Stand Up To Cancer promotes the latest, leading-edge technologies that save lives today.

What is a Dream Team?

To address critical problems in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, Stand Up To Cancer Dream Teams organizes multidisciplinary teams from different institutions.

What is the Stand Up To Cancer Research Team?

Through small, collaborative teams of experts, Stand Up To Cancer grants fund cancer research that addresses critical problems in patient care and delivers near-term patient benefits. Proof-of-principle projects are carried out by these teams, as well as work in new areas that are being explored.

Who created Stand Up To Cancer?

In early 2013, Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) was founded by nine women whose lives have been profoundly affected by cancer. They started working together in 2007 to make the most of these communities’ resources in order to raise public awareness of cancer prevention, to promote a new, collaborative model of cancer research, and to highlight the progress made. May 27, 2008 marked the official launch of Stand Up To Cancer.

How can I get involved with Stand Up To Cancer?

A. To get involved with Stand Up To Cancer, you can make donations to the cancer research fund. These funds are directly used to conduct various research on cancer.

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