A rarely found medical condition that isn’t as much known or given attention. The following blog will explore its basics. This includes meaning, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. 

A simple definition of Spindle Lipoma 

A spindle lipoma is commonly found developing under the deepest layer of the skin area. It is a rarely found bulge but looks just like fatty soft tissue. It is commonly found at the back of the neck, shoulder, or another nearby site. 

The name it has been given is derived from the spindle cells that it contains. It is a gradually growing lump that often remains at its located place without causing a significant moment. 

What are the causes of Spindle cell lipoma? 

A spindle lipoma does not have any defined cause of occurrence. But, the doctor believes that a spindle lipoma can be a potential cause of changes occurring in the genes that are transferred from the biological parents. 

What are the signs and symptoms of spindle cell lipoma? 

Spindle cell lipomas are painless, show slight movement when touched or pressed, and are just like round-shaped lumps formed under the skin. Notice its progression, the symptoms may include its growing larger, though it grows gradually and at a low pace. 

Diagnosis of spindle cell lipoma 

The initial test of spindle cell lipoma will require examining the lipoma by removing it and sending it to the pathology for the test. 

Often, as the result of this test comes out, not in all cases it is required to go further in diagnosis. Whereas, more tests are conducted if liposarcoma is suspected.

Further, in many cases, the next examination includes MRI and CT scan. These tests are effective as it helps provide detailed and clear imaging of the soft tissues that are forming underneath the skin. 

Treatment of spindle cell lipoma 

It is not always necessary or a major concern for people to get spindle cell lipoma treated. In most cases the patient appears for cosmetic concerns, the lipoma is getting larger, or because it is becoming bothersome. 

Further, before the surgery starts the patient is given local or general anesthesia as per the requirement. This lets the patient feel no pain or discomfort while the surgery is conducted. 

The surgery is carefully performed. The procedure includes a small-size cut using medical tools and removes the lipoma. Lastly, the patient is often sent back home the same day. 

How to prevent spindle cell lipoma from developing? 

Spindle cell lipoma is a rare entity and not always in complete knowledge of the person as it develops. Therefore, no absolute way is possible to prevent it. But, the good news is that a spindle cell lipoma isn’t cancerous or dangerous. It may cause some discomfort but as treated within time are easy to cure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a spindle cell lipoma?

A spindle cell lipoma is generally measured to be 4 cm to 5 cm in size. Though, it is a completely slow pace growing lipoma that is painless. 

What is the treatment of spindle cell lipoma? 

The most common surgery method conducted for spindle cell lipoma is known to be surgical resection. This is a safe and effective surgical procedure. 

Is spindle cell lipoma cancerous? 

No, spindle cell lipomas are free of any risks of turning into cancer. They are painless, and safer and do not always require treatment to correct them fully. Though, sometimes can be misunderstood as a malignant lipoma or a sarcoma but is separate. 

How long can you live with spindle cell sarcoma?

Generally, the survival rate of spindle cell sarcoma is noted to be 5 years at an average rate. Though may vary from case to case this has been seen normally as the case. 

Can spindle cell sarcoma be cured? 

This rarely occurring lipoma named spindle cell sarcoma is s curable and the best-defined way is through local excision procedure. The process is carefully conducted and is very safe. 

Are all spindle cell lipomas dangerous?  

Most cases of lipoma are simply just reactive in nature or benign. A spindle cell lipoma is a slow-progressing lump that isn’t harmful or painful.

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