Suffering with pain, may it be mild or intense in your anus area? Have you been asked to do a sitz bath but wondering what, how and when to do it? Needless to wonder any longer. Here, you will get the proper step-by-step method to do a sitz bath for haemorrhoids at home.

Method to do sitz bath for haemorrhoids at home. 

Method 1 Sitz Bath using a Bathtub 

Step 1 Arrange a fully cleaned bathtub by washing it with clean water, once before using it. Fill the tub with at least 3 inches of water, and make sure that the temperature is moderate warm or as recommended by the doctor. 

Step 2 Now, add some Epsom salt into it or the prescribed medicine given by the doctor often in liquid form. The quantity should be put, as told by the doctor. 

Step 3 Next, very carefully sit down at the bottom of the tub. It can be a little slippery so be gentle. Also, before entering, make sure that the water is not excessively hot. 

Step 4 Sit there for around 10 to 15 minutes and repeat this therapy three times a day at least. Make sure to give the process required patience. It will eventually give results.

Method 2 Sitz bath using a bowl or a kit 

Step 1 Prepare a plastic container or a bowl. This special container can be easily placed on the toilet seat. 

Step 2 Before sitting, make sure that the bowl is placed properly or accurately. Ensure that it is stable enough to not create an imbalance while you sit on it. 

Step 3 Also, before sitting, fill the bowl with enough warm water that covers your bottom. 

Step 4 You can continue to sit for around 15 minutes and above if the water is still hot enough to keep soaking. 

Step 5 Once you get up, with the help of a towel dry the area. You can repeat this method twice or thrice a day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it alright to rinse off after a sitz bath?

Yes, it is completely alright and it is essential to rinse yourself after taking a sitz bath. This helps keep the area dry, clean and out of any irritation or itchiness. 

How do you do a self-sitz bath? 

To do a simple sitz bath use a tub or a bowl, fill 3-4th of the tub with warm water, add salt or betadine as prescribed by the doctor and carefully sit inside the tub for 15 minutes. Repeat this method as much as required after 4-5 hours 

Can you get rid of haemorrhoids through a sitz bath? 

While having external haemorrhoids, a sitz bath has become one of the best remedies to decrease the swelling, redness and pain in the area. It is an excellent therapy to get relief. Though the patient might have to have to stay calm as the natural methods take a little longer time to work, doubtlessly it is a safe therapy and reduces the effect. 

How long should I take a sitz bath? 

The ideal time recommended to take a sitz bath is usually 15 minutes to 20 minutes. This time can be adjusted according to the warmth of the water if it lasts longer and the wound or swelling that needs to be healed. 

Sitz baths can be both hot and cold? 

Ideally, the sitz bath needs to be done with hot water, as an inner pain or wound heals faster and better after receiving the touch of warm water. Though in some situations, patients might be suggested cold water, this is quite rare a case.

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