Do you wonder, what can a sitz bath do? Is it worth taking out time to prepare a sitz bath and sit for minutes, expecting relief? Does it bring healing and relief? Need not worry, sitz bath and your doubts related to it, we hope all are answered below. 

What is Sitz Bath

In simple terms, a sitz bath also known as a hip bath or a hot bath is a natural remedy to give deep healing to the lower part of the body, especially the hips. 

It is a method mostly recommended by the doctor to patients who come up with symptoms of haemorrhoids, fistula, anal or fissure pain. 

Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids

The condition of haemorrhoids is when one or more veins in the anus area get swollen due to excessive pressure and strain in the area. This strain is often when the stomach feels constipated and it becomes hard for the stools to pass smoothly. 

How to Take a Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids at Home The method of having a sitz bath for haemorrhoids is extremely simple and comforting. 

Firstly, take a plastic tub and fill it with that much amount of hot water, till where your hips can dip in properly and the effect of the method is achieved fully. Then, add 1-2 tablespoons Epsom and gradually sit down in the water bath for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat a few times for an effective result. 

How does a sitz bath help Hemorrhoids Few of the benefits of a sitz bath for Hemorrhoids are it cures any kind of anus area pain, restores the blood flow and provides absolute relaxation. 

Sitz Bath for Piles & Fissure

Sitz bath is highly recommended for a lot of lower body ailments. Especially those parts of the body where otherwise reaching medications is quite difficult. Just as a haemorrhoids treatment sitz bath is effective for Piles and Fissure equally. 

Its significance is high because of the benefits it provides to the patient in pain and discomfort by completely bringing absolute relief and relaxation to the glands that tear down due to immense pressure, mostly due to constipated stomach and hard passage of the stools. 

Sitz bath Procedure 

The most commonly used method of sitz bath is through using a bathtub. Easily available and comfortable to use. 

Step 1: Arrange a clean and medium to large-sized bathtub with a good level to fill warm water in it. 

Step 2: Fill the tub with at least 3-inch warm water. 

Step 3: Now, add some Epsom salt or any prescribed medicines like Betadine. 

Step 4: Mix it well and ensure it is fully dissolved in the water. 

Step 5: Now, firstly check for the water temperature, and see if it is correct according to your required temperature. 

Step 6: Finally, slowly sit inside the tub and stay in it for at least 10-15 minutes or till the water cools down. 

Purpose of sitz bath The most significant purpose of sitz bath is to bring complete healing to the haemorrhoids and the anal fissure. 

Sitz bath temperature A sitz bath requires a certain amount of hot water as the healing is best done with warm water. Through the warmth of the water comes best and speedy recovery. Thus, the ideal temperature is 99 °F to 102 °F or 37°C to 39°C

Benefits Of Sitz Bath 

Sitz baths have recently gained remarkable popularity. As many have opted for it instead of getting into treatment or medications. The process of sitz bath is easy, quick to understand and can be repeated multiple times in a single day. These benefits are listed below.

  • 1. A sitz bath brings better blood flow to the body
  • 2. A sitz bath results in clean hygiene 
  • 3. A sitz bath decreases the effect of inflammation 
  • 4. A sitz bath eases any pain and discomfort in the lower part 
  • 5. A sitz bath recovers swelling in the anus area

Risks Factors Of Sitz Bath

A sitz bath is a natural healing treatment method commonly used these days at home. As a natural healing process, it is believed to have fewer or no risk factors. The only risk factor that one can experience if doing a sitz bath is a development of an infection in the perineum. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can warm baths help with haemorrhoids?

Yes, certainly. A warm bath or sitz bath is effective for haemorrhoids as well as other medical conditions. Most importantly, it helps a lot in releasing the lower pain and brings a cure from the irritation caused in the area.

Do hot/warm baths shrink external haemorrhoids?

The utility of a warm bath is to shrink down the swollen veins which are located in the external haemorrhoids and significantly increase the flow of blood. 

Many doctors these days opt for this easier method for the patient to get relief from such pain, where the reach of direct medication is not possible.

What do you put in a sitz bath for haemorrhoids?

Most commonly recommended home care for haemorrhoids means to have a warm bath of half to one tablespoon of baking soda or add some salt to it and mix it up properly.

Next, after this easy preparation, prepare yourself to gradually sit down in a position where the affected area or the bottom gets in direct touch with the solution prepared and let it get the cure.

Do sitz baths make haemorrhoids go away?

Well, sitz baths do wonders to reduce the complications of haemorrhoids. Warm baths’ initial purpose is to lower the level of discomfort and pain. 

Through the natural way of doing sitz bath, one can have not just haemorrhoids cured but can heal from other problems such as fissures, anal fissures or fistula.

How long do you take a sitz bath for haemorrhoids

The main purpose of a sitz bath is to bring healing to the bottoms or to the thighs that are in any kind of discomforting condition or are swollen. Thus, an estimated time required for a haemorrhoid’s sitz bath can be from 10 min to 20 min. Also, taking this bath for more than a day, say maybe two to three is very important.

Is a hot sitz bath safe for Haemorrhoids?

Yes, the sitz bath is fully safe and secure. The preparation of a sitz bath includes warm water, some baking soda or salt. Both of these are mixed to bring complete healing to the pain areas. 

A sitz bath is actually. considered one of the best and most recommended methods by doctors to cure pain at home, in a natural way.

Is a Hot or Cold Bath better for Haemorrhoids?

In a comparison of a hot or a cold bath for either preventing haemorrhoids from occurring or stopping the symptoms from making it a more severe condition, a hot or a warm sitz bath method is more likely preferred.

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