Investigations done by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital suggest that laser skin procedures found helpful in preventing cell carcinomas (keratinocyte cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma). 

According to the latest research in Washington, USA, it has been suggested that  simpler skin laser procedures are found helpful in preventing the risk of development of various skin cell carcinomas. 

Researchers at the Mass General Dermatology Laser & Cosmetic Center, investigated the patients who received the laser treatments for facial skin and they found that their risk for keratinocyte carcinoma has effective;y reduced by 35%. 

Most probable cause: NAFL (Nonablative fractional lasers) target heat on the skin surface in the fractional manner leaving the cell layer intact after treatment, useful in treating scars, ageing spots, etc. This laser is different from ablative fractional lasers that can erase the topmost layer of the skin. Consequently, NAFL treatments most probably play an essential role in safeguarding against some serious carcinomas.

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