Lasik Surgery Side Effects – Lasik surgery is now on the trend. Most people prefer this surgery, and it is the best alternative to glasses and contact lenses as it is used to rectify vision problems through laser refractive surgery. This surgery includes a blade and a laser device that is used to make permanent changes in the clear covering of the eye, that is, the cornea and also the shape. This surgery is done when any patient is suffering from any eye problems such as Astigmatism, Myopia, and Hyperopia.

Major Side Effects of Lasik Eye Surgery 

Every coin has its two sides. If there are advantages, then there are also side effects of that particular thing. So LASIK surgery also has some side effects, and that is 

Dry Eyes

This causes a short lessening of tear production in the eye and makes the eye dry. Any patient who experiences it for 6 months after the surgery and has dry eyes can reduce the quality of the vision. Your doctor may endorse eye drops for dry eyes, and if you think that it is not working for you, then you could opt for additional treatment that helps the eyes not to drain away the tears from the surface eyes by putting special plugs in the tear duct of the eyes.

Under Corrections

It is due to the elimination of less tissue from the eyes, and it affects your vision and does not provide you with the clear vision that you are expecting. It is found in those people who are suffering from myopia and require one more additional LASIK surgery within a year to alleviate more tissue.


On the contrary, under corrections, it eradicates surplus tissue from the eyes, and it is way more problematic to rectify the overcorrections as compared to under corrections. 


It is due to alleviating the unequal tissue from the eyes, and it requires supplementary surgery, glasses or contact lenses.

Worsened vision and vision loss

This surgery may not provide you with sharp vision or clear vision, and it may cause vision loss. Also, you cannot see clearly as you see previously. It may worsen your eyesight.

LASIK Eye Surgery Side Effects Long Term

LASIK rarely has any long-term complications. If it has, then it may last for only several months, and in some cases, these complications become permanent. Like people get blind after LASIK surgery, but there are no confirmed cases of blindness after the surgery.

Risk Factors

Whether choosing LASIK surgery, your eye doctor may examine your eyes that it is right for you or not and also review your medical history and take measurements of your eye pupil and cornea to recommend you the best treatment, but if you have any of these problems then you are not eligible for LASIK surgery, and it is those conditions that will increase your risks

  • 1. Untreated, dry eye syndrome
  • 2. Very large pupils
  • 3. Autoimmune disease
  • 4. Thin corneas
  • 5. Any patient who is not above 18 years
  • 6. Eye injury, cataracts, glaucoma or any eye disease that causes harm to the cornea.

Precautions after LASIK Eye Surgery

Certain precautions you have to take after the surgery are.

  • 1. To make yourself comfortable, you have to take pain medication, or eye drops on time.
  • 2. Always wear protective glasses or a shield to protect your eyes at night until your eyes don’t heal.
  • 3. Don’t do any strenuous activities that may affect your eyes like swimming, playing etc.
  • 4. Don’t use any cosmetics around the eyes as it may affect the process of healing.
  • 5. Take regular appointments for your eye check-up for at least 6 months.
  • 6. Don’t use water to clear your eyes for at least a week.
  • 7. Avoid rubbing your eyes for a few weeks or a month.

When to See a Doctor

If you feel that there is a sudden decrease in your eyesight, any pain, redness, or any kind of discharge from your eyes, then you must visit your doctor. You can connect with Glamyo Health for free expert consultation. We provide personalized care to our patients. Moreover, we provide no-cost EMI and cashless option, which helps in managing the cost of the treatment. All the documents or paperwork are managed by us. We ensure your safety during and after the procedure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the negative effects of LASIK?

Some major side effects of Lasik surgery are dry eyes and visual issues like glare. 

Does LASIK cause problems later in life?

Most probably, it won’t cause any permanent damage, but in rare cases, it may cause permanent dry eye, glare, halos, and double vision. 

At what age is LASIK not recommended?

There is a specific age to get this surgery. For people who do not have any organic reasons for their vision loss involving cataracts and do not have any medical contradictions, this surgery is safer for them. 

Can laser eye surgery affect the brain?

Lasik Surgery does not directly affect your brain, but it is the fact that the vision centre of the brain benefits from clear images.

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