Pain During Sex After Undergoing Hysterectomy

Pain while having sex after the hysterectomy is one of the long-term issues that women face. This pain can be due to scar tissues irritate muscles, nerve dysfunction, and preoperative pain in pelvic muscles.

How long should women wait for sex after hysterectomy?

Women must not put anything inside the vagina until there is no abnormal vaginal discharge or complete wound healing. It takes at least 4-6 weeks after the hysterectomy to heal without bleeding or discharge. During this period, women should restrict from sex. 

Do hysterectomies change the way women have sex? Do they still experience the orgasm same as before?

Hysterectomy does not lead to any sexual impairment. In most cases, the ability to get orgasm and vaginal sensation is not altered or affected. Clitoral stimulation also remains the same after the hysterectomy procedure. Some women complain of reduced vaginal orgasms after hysterectomy. It is advised to get the hysterectomy procedure done by experienced doctors. Choose Glamyo Health for consultation and surgery so that there is no sexual dysfunction. They have experienced gynaecologists and surgeons available pan India.  

What causes dyspareunia (painful sex) after undergoing a hysterectomy?

Causes of dyspareunia (painful sex) that occurs after hysterectomy are :

  • 1. Scar tissues irritate muscles.
  • 2. Nerve dysfunction
  • 3. Preoperative pain in pelvic muscles

You can have a healthy sex life after a hysterectomy

In recent studies, it has been found that overall sexual life gets improved after hysterectomy. 

Advice for husbands after hysterectomy

Advisory for husbands is crucial when their wives undergo a hysterectomy to ensure a healthy sex life.

  • 1. They must treat their wives with love and give them proper attention and respect.
  • 2. Reassure wives by regularly complimenting their looks, intellect, and personality.
  • 3. Plan delightful date nights and treasure her with all support and spend time doing social activities with her
  • 4. Do not get frustrated with mood swings and ever-changing emotions 
  • 5. Provide strength and good inspiration towards the significant change.
  • 6. Try being soft and extra gentle while having sex.
  • 7. Communicating with their wife about her feelings and asking what she likes will work best for her.
  • 8. Please focus on the brighter side of the surgical procedure (hysterectomy) rather than getting to its risk or complications.
  • 9. Try bringing forward the positive sides of hysterectomy
  • 10. Try to give extra support and proper attention that will make a more significant difference in her life 

Sex too soon after hysterectomy

Rushing for sex as soon as the wife gets an all-clear signal from the doctors may harm the wounds or scars and lead to more complications and painful sex afterwards. 

It is essential to understand the severity of the medical condition that the wife has just undergone major surgery (hysterectomy), so it is advisable to avoid harsh penetrative intercourse. This may lead to more discomfort at first. Therefore, taking things at a slower pace is wiser and gives her the freedom to lead the way ahead. Her preferences may vary depending on the time post-surgery; she might feel more comfortable with non-penetrative sex. 

Eventually, everything will go good if there is appropriate communication between the partners. Discussing her feelings and desires with the wife would make things work better. There are vigorous changes or alterations in the levels of hormones that affect sexual drive and vaginal lubrication. In some women, getting the orgasm or the right mood becomes a little tricky after a hysterectomy. Therefore, there should not be any rush; patience in such situations is key to improved sexual life.  

Vaginal pain after hysterectomy

In certain instances, vaginal pain occurs due to healed tissue on the upper vaginal ending, the site of sutures or stitches. Another reason for vaginal pain may be vaginal tears that may occur in some women after a few days of surgery (hysterectomy). 

Abdominal pain years after hysterectomy

Hysterectomy involves stitches in the abdominal region and subsequent removal of the uterus or body parts like fallopian tubes or ovaries. Specific techniques of hysterectomy, like laparoscopic or robotic hysterectomy, may lead to scarring of tissues, resulting in restricted blood flow to nerves or muscles. This happens most in the pelvic muscles, stomach and lower back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does sex become painful after a hysterectomy in some women?

Pain during sex after a woman undergoes hysterectomy might be due to following reasons

  • 1. Scar tissue causing irritation in muscles and associated nerves
  • 2. Nervous dysfunction of pelvic floor muscle

What is Vaginal Shortening?

Hysterectomy often causes shortening of vaginal length in women. Vaginal shortening varies depending on the type of hysterectomy suitable for the patient. There are two routes for hysterectomy to be performed in a well-right way that involves the abdominal route and the vaginal route. Both decrease the vagina length as they require excision of the vaginal portions or cervix. 

What helps painful intercourse after a hysterectomy?

Pelvic floor therapy: It is a physical exercise method to help relieve the pain or muscle spasms. The physical therapist is an expert and can guide the patients to help get rid of pain with exercise programs at home. 

Suppositories: These are often prescribed to relieve nerve pain and relax muscles.

Medications: NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), like acetaminophen, and dexamethasone, may serve as rescue analgesics.

It is advised to get expert consultation in severe pain and discomfort. Glamyo Healthcare provides free gynaecologist consultation for women who need any pre or post-surgery advisory. Female gynaecologists are available 24 hours to help women with their sex life issues with ensured privacy.

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