Painful Sex After surgical procedure of Hysterectomy 

Sex Very Painful after Hysterectomy – The uterus is an organ in the female reproductive system that has a role in various essential physiological functions, like in pregnancy and childbirth. It is an important part of a woman’s physiology and sexual life. Hysterectomy is the surgery of the uterus wherein the entire uterus is removed surgically, and in some cases, the uterus is removed along with some other parts. The loss of the uterus is associated with various side effects on female physiology and mental health. Different anatomical connections between the uterus and other pelvic organs are lost after hysterectomy. There is a major impact on women’s sexual functioning and vaginal health after hysterectomy.

Expert advisory on getting back to sex life after hysterectomy

According to expert gynaecologists and surgeons specialising in hysterectomy procedures, a woman should wait at least 6 weeks after a complete hysterectomy and should not indulge in sexual intercourse during this period. As a precautionary measure, women are advised not to have penetrative sex or insert anything deep into the vagina for at least 8 to 12 weeks. It has been reported that dehiscence may occur in case of irresponsibility after 4 months of surgery.

Change in sex life after hysterectomy

There have been a lot of research and case studies that report the change in how women experience sex after hysterectomy. 

In some cases, it has been reported that the vagina does not get enough natural lubrication for sexual arousal after the hysterectomy surgery. 

In many women, a significant improvement in sexual activity and libido is seen after a few months or years of hysterectomy. 

Some patients report abnormal contractions in the vaginal muscles. 

Although the sexual response increases after hysterectomy, pain and bleeding in some medical conditions are alleviated after the surgery.

There are no negative impacts on sexual satisfaction reported by the couples in which the female partner with a uterus has undergone a hysterectomy because of any health-related issue.

What causes painful sex called dyspareunia after surgical procedure of hysterectomy?

The patient who undergoes a hysterectomy may experience a decline in natural lubrication on sexual arousal, which is why many women complain of pain during sex (dyspareunia) after the hysterectomy procedure. 

Hysterectomy may also lead to vaginal shortening and tightening, causing pain while having penetrative sex. 

Any kind of vaginal cuff, bowel obstruction, and pelvic disruption due to hysterectomy will cause dyspareunia. 

It is not necessary for every woman undergoing a hysterectomy to experience dyspareunia (painful sex).

How hysterectomy complications treated?

Hysterectomy leads to some the complications like 

  • 1. Wound
  • 2. Infection
  • 3. Bowel disorder
  • 4. Perforated viscus
  • 5. Bleeding
  • 6. Hematoma
  • 7. Vaginal disruption 
  • 8. Pelvic abnormality
  • 9. Ureteral obstruction
  • 10. Vesicovaginal fistula

Some of these complications arise due to sexual intercourse before complete recovery.

High-risk patients are given anticoagulants or blood thinning agents to prevent the formation of blood clots after hysterectomy. 

After a hysterectomy, wound or urinary tract infections are treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics. 

In case a patient experience heavy bleeding and large blood losses, they get a blood transfusion.

Leading a healthy sex life after hysterectomy surgery

After a hysterectomy, certain changes in the pelvic region might affect the sex for a few months. The women who give proper time to healing and recovery eventually get fulfilling and healthy sex life after hysterectomy.

Expert Advisory for male partners (husbands) after hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is a sensitive surgery that has an immense impact on the sexual relationship of couples. It affects male partners; therefore, it is important for husbands of women who have undergone the hysterectomy to get appropriate medical advice on respecting, caring and loving the wife after her surgery.

  1. 1. Partner needs to learn about their wife’s surgery or hysterectomy. They should eliminate all the misconceptions about the surgery and take an interest in wives’ care and emotional understanding.
  2. 2. Give proper time for recovery to the wives after the hysterectomy and return to normal sex life afterwards. 
  3. 3. Enjoying with the partner, even during sexual abstinence, is a must for the husband to lead a healthy physical relationship with the wife.
  4. 4. Reassuring the wife by expressing love for her looks, personality and intelligence will help her deal with the grief of losing a part of her body, the uterus. 
  5. 5. Highlight the positive effects of hysterectomy and focus on health problems resolved by the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Sex Painful for Some Women?

Some women face painful sex after a hysterectomy as there may be a decline in natural lubrication in the vagina. The reduction in natural lubricants on sexual stimulation or arousal causes pain while having penetrative sex.

What is Vaginal Shortening?

Vaginal shortening may occur due to hysterectomy through laser or traditional surgical procedure. The hysterectomy leads to constriction of muscles of the vagina and other organs of the pelvic region due to stitches or sutures in traditional surgery methods and laser procedures. The narrowing or reduction of vaginal muscles due to hysterectomy is one of the important causes of painful sex after a hysterectomy.

What measures can help with painful sex after a hysterectomy?

Measures to be taken to help with painful sex after hysterectomy:

  • 1. Take maximum time for healing or recovery after a hysterectomy. 
  • 2. Do not go for harsh penetrative sex for a few months 
  • 3. Try maximum lubrication to prevent any scarring or damage to the tissues
  • 4. Maintain physical and emotional health
  • 5. Get advisory on HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

I had a full hysterectomy 16 years ago, and the sex is painful with bleeding.

There are some reasons for pain and bleeding after many years of hysterectomy:

  • 1. Cancer
  • 2. Vaginal atrophy
  • 3. Scarring
  • 4. Nerve dysfunction

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