What are Pimples on your Head (Scalp acne)?

Pimples on the head or the scalp acne are common breakouts that may happen on the hairline or scalp. They can get complicated in various conditions. Generally, the scalp has numerous hair glands and hair follicles that may get clogged due to excess oil and dirt. If people maintain enough clean and hygienic conditions, then also there may be the appearance of pimples on the head due to sweat and natural scalp oil. 

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What are the causes of bumps or pimples on the scalp?

Some of the causes of pimples on the head are:

  • 1. Increased production of natural scalp oil and sebum
  • 2. Accumulation of dirt and dead skin in the hair follicles
  • 3. Increased growth of acne bacteria
  • 4. Inflammation in clogged hair follicles
  • 5. Excessive use of hair gels, shampoos, and hair sprays.
  • 6. Certain hormones like androgen hormones
  • 7. Genetics also play a role

Symptoms and causes of bumps on the scalp

  • 1. Folliculitis
  • 2. Scalp acne
  • 3. Allergic reaction
  • 4. Head lice
  • 5. Atopic dermatitis
  • 6. Pilar cysts
  • 7. Skin cancer
  • 8. Scalp psoriasis

How to treat scalp acne?

Treatment of scalp acne due to the use of cosmetics:

Scalp acne that is caused due to the use of shampoos and other cosmetics like hair sprays and gels usually goes away on their own when their use is declined or stopped. It is estimated that it takes almost 6 weeks for scalp acne to go completely, and you can see the improvised health of acne. It is important to switch to less harmful natural products to be used on the scalp. Switching to hair products like hair spray, shampoo, and conditioner that are oil-free is necessary. The following label can be looked on the products:

  • 1. Anti-acnegenic
  • 2. Oil-free
  • 3. Non-comedogenic
  • 4. Won’t clog pores

Treatment of scalp acne due to clogging of pores:

It is important to keep sweat, dirt, and oil off the scalp by washing hair properly and more often. In the following conditions, it becomes important to wash properly in a timely manner:

  • 1. If a person has oily hair
  • 2. If a lot of hair products are used
  • 3. If a person sweats intensively 
  • 4. If dirt and grime stay throughout the day on the scalp

It is advised to focus on cleaning all the dirt away from the scalp by rubbing the scalp properly as hairs become shiny, clean and soft from the hair products used, but it is important to clean the scalp. 

Also, clean off the excess shampoo or conditioner by rinsing the hair and scalp. The residues of shampoos and other hair products excessively present on hair and scalp may get transferred to all the things that touch the hair. So, it is crucial to clean everything thoroughly like  

  • 1. Pillowcases
  • 2. Bedsheets
  • 3. Blankets
  • 4. Hats
  • 5. Headscarfs
  • 6. Headbands

Other treatments include:

  • 1. Sulfur shampoo
  • 2. Antibiotics
  • 3. Salicylic shampoo 
  • 4. Photodynamic therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting pimples on my head?

  • 1. The scalp is full of hair follicles 
  • 2. Oil glands
  • 3. Follicle or pore becomes clogged (dirt and oil)

How do I stop pimples on my scalp?

  • 1. Wear loose-fit headgear that allows the scalp to breathe.
  • 2. After doing exercises, hair must be washed soon.
  • 3. Avoid the use of chemical hair products like gels and hairsprays
  • 4. Eat a skin-boosting healthy diet 
  • 5. Switch to natural hair products

What are hard bumps on the scalp?

Hard bumps on the scalp are cysts or lipomas that appear fresh-coloured and filled with hair protein called keratin. It is irritating when brushing the hair or while combing them.

Why do I get pimples on my head under my hair?

The pimples on the head under the hair are mainly caused by clogging of hair follicles or pores due to dirt and oil.

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