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Removing Hemorrhoids without surgery is not quite possible as Piles have the tendency to recur repeatedly due to the swollen and enlarged veins near the anus that causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Yet, some of the preventive measures can be taken to stay away from Hemorrhoids for sometime. Here we discuss the issues related to hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

*Anus pain, itching.

*Blood from the rectum.

*Easy bleeding from the anus region.

*Expanding and feeling a bump at the anus.

Grades of Piles:
  1. Grade I: Grade I hemorrhoids are not apparent and are inside the anus.


  1. Grade II: These are inside the anus yet are bigger than grade I hemorrhoids. Yet, they may be pushed out while passing stool.


  1. Grade III: Also known as prolapsed hemorrhoids, they may be felt dangling from the rectum and should be visible outside the anus. 

4.Grade IV: This type of Hemorrhoids is bigger contrasted with different grades and shows at the anus. They require treatment, as they can’t be pushed back.

Few factors that can help you in Removing Hemorrhoids without surgery from your life and promote healthy living can be defined by the following measures:

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An adjustment of diet can assist with keeping the stools customary and delicate. This includes eating more fiber, like broccoli, Bell peppers, salary or essentially having grain based breakfast oats.

Body weight

Getting more fit might assist with decreasing the rate and seriousness of hemorrhoids. Performing yoga, brisk walking can help in the principal treatment for hemorrhoids.


A few therapeutic choices are accessible to diminish the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

OTC drugs

These are accessible, including pain relievers, salves, creams, and cushions, and can assist with mitigating redness and expanding around the anus. Try not to involve them for over 7 days straight


The specialist might endorse diuretics assuming that an individual with hemorrhoids experiences obstruction. These can assist the individual with passing stools all the more effectively and decrease strain on the lower colon.


A flexible band around the foundation of the Hemorrhoids, removing its blood supply. Following a couple of days, the hemorrhoid fell off. This is viable for treating all hemorrhoids of not as much as grade IV status.


Medication is infused to make the hemorrhoid contract. The hemorrhoid ultimately shrinks up. This is effective for grade II and III hemorrhoids and is an option in contrast to banding.

Electrotherapy: A delicate electric flow is applied to your hemorrhoids to make them  fall off.

Infrared coagulation: An infrared light is utilized to slice the blood supply to your hemorrhoids to make them fall off.

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