Recovery From Vaginoplasty – Maintaining health after vaginoplasty is crucial. Gender affirmation is one of the main reasons to undergo vaginoplasty nowadays. It has been estimated that thousands of total vaginoplasties are being done for gender affirmation. It has been made a reliable and relatively safe surgical procedure to construct genitals in males converted to females.

Best yoga after Vaginoplasty Surgery 

Diaphragmatic breathing

An effective way to fast recovery post vaginoplasty. It stimulates nerves, the endocrine system and circulation to promote relaxation. Being in a comfortable posture while sitting or lying and establishing diaphragmatic breathing to focus and inhale deeper. In diaphragmatic breathing, pressure is built up on the lobes of the lungs and ribs on deeper inhalation. A long deep breath should be established, and a rhythm for inhalation and exhalation should be maintained.

Supported fish

Lying on the back with a large pillow for support. Straighten the legs on the floor and release tension until there is no pain in the back. Get approval from the doctor as well in case there are other complications.

Legs on wall upwards

The pose is called Viparita Karani to relieve any stress or oedema due to surgery. Raising legs against gravity allow venous blood to flow in that direction, which will help alleviate the swelling. To straighten the legs against the wall, start sitting straight towards the wall and rest your head slowly. Stay in the position for a few minutes (5-10 minutes ). Maintain the posture for 10- 12 deep breaths.

Muscle relaxation by lying down straight

This exercise can be done while sitting or lying. The exercise is mainly performed to relieve tension and create a relaxing sensation. At the same time, while inhaling, close your eyes and tighten your jaw. Keep your eyes closed and start softening the jaw during exhalation. Exhale entirely and release muscles and abdomen. Take at least 10 breaths.

Can I climb stairs after Vaginoplasty Surgery?

It is advised to relax and avoid fast walking or climbing stairs post vaginoplasty.

Medical care to be taken before vaginoplasty

  • 1. Hair removal
  • 2. Medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension are optimized
  • 3. A colon preparation is also done in case of people opting for vaginoplasty for gender affirmation

5 Vaginoplasty Recovery Tips

To accelerate recovery from vaginoplasty procedure; following specific tips to be followed:

Take proper rest

The key to quick recovery is taking proper rest and giving time to the tissues to heal themselves on their own. All the social and work needs must be rescheduled to make your life easy.

Do not go for weight lifting.

Mothers should avoid lifting their children, picking heavier objects, or even doing laundry themselves. Lifting heavier things, more than 8-10 pounds, will put pressure on the pelvic floor muscles causing discomfort. These may have a negatively impacts on surgical outcomes.

Keep the vagina and surrounding area hygienic.

The recovery rate will eventually increase if the surgical site is clean and hygienic. Maintaining hygiene decreases the risk of developing infections that create complications. Wash hands before cleaning the intimate area and wipe out to avoid any contamination.

Avoid sexual intercourse

It is advisable to abstain from sex for a few weeks unless instructed otherwise by the doctor. Give proper rest to pelvic muscles.

Do not use tampons

Avoiding tampons in monthly cycles and taking extreme care during periods is crucial.

Exercises to be done after vaginoplasty

After vaginoplasty, exercises are not recommended. Some of the recommended yoga after vaginoplasty are :

Half Moon

It is performed while standing. Bring arms to the sides and move them overhead and inhale. Release the arms and exhale simultaneously, bringing the torso to the sides.

Restorative Fish

It stretches back with knees bent while lying straight on the floor.

Bound Angle

Done while lying on back with knees wide apart and feet together. Keep the body in this posture for a while until you feel pressure on your legs. Staying in this position is followed by inhalation and calm breathing.

Cat and cow pasture

The exercise is for holding tension in the body for a while, focusing on the forehead, back, ribcage, and jaws. This involves spine movements to develop postural mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exercise is good after vaginoplasty?

No strenuous exercise is advised after vaginoplasty. Some healing yoga and meditations can be performed.

Can we do exercise after vaginoplasty?

Heavy exercises that are strenuous are restricted after vaginoplasty.

Do and don’ts after vaginoplasty?


Do’s after vaginoplasty

Dont’s after vaginoplasty


Sit with comfort on a donut ring

Do not submerge in water or take a bath

Apply ice in first weeks of vaginoplasty

No strenuous activities

Take pain medication

No bike riding or swimming

Light shower can be taken

No sexual intercourse

How do you take care of a vaginoplasty?

Vaginal dilation

The health care provider will provide dilators and instruct the patient on how to use the dilator after vaginoplasty. Dilation is a necessary procedure to maintain vaginal depth.


Douche is used for keeping the vagina hygienic and clean.


Look for any sign of infection like redness, burning, rash, or abnormally looking vaginal discharge. Take topical antifungal medications like Monistat and Lotrimin.

General care instructions after vaginoplasty

Antibiotic ointment 

Topical antibiotics are recommended on surgical incisions and surrounding areas to prevent bacterial infections. Ointments are also prescribed to be used once a day after dilation.

UTIs (Urinary tract infections)

Certain signs like Burning sensation while peeing, cloudy appearance of urine, abdominal pain and backache are indicative of UTIs. Drinking enough water and getting treatment for any type of infection are advisable.

How to deal with the scarring after vaginoplasty?

Specific measures to heal scars 

  • 1. Massaging vaginoplasty scars.
  • 2. Using cocoa butter and vitamin E after a few weeks post-surgery.
  • 3. Adhesive strips for accelerated healing procedure.

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