Are you on the verge of making a decision to get circumcision done? Are you afraid about the risks or side effects that may come along? Here, the following quick list of pros and cons may help you out in making a safe, comfortable and informative decision. 

Pros and cons of getting circumcision done 

Circumcision is a safe and painless procedure and the risks are less. The following are some of the noteworthy advantages and disadvantages of circumcision that will help make a clear decision and understand why many choose to get it done. 

  • Circumcision procedure In a very simplified manner, a circumcision is done in which the surgeon carefully removes the foreskin exposing the top of the penis. Generally, it is done for the hygiene and for health benefits purposes and does not involve any serious issues. 

The surgery is done by an urologist expert surgeon, the benefits mainly includes less to no risk of urinary tract infection, low risk of sexually transmitted infection and low risk of penile cancer. But, as it cannot be denied that any surgical process may include certain risks but these risks are low and if need not to worry about. 

Pros of circumcision procedure 

  • No foreskin side effects or issue One of the best reasons to be carefree while getting a circumcision done is that as it is the.process of foreskin removal and as a result it provides protection from getting any foreskin infections or side effects. Foreskin removal simply prevents from having certain infections like phimosis or other rare conditions. 
  • Lowers the risk of urinary tract infection Getting circumcision done also assures that as a result it will lower the risk of urinary tract infections. 
  • Lower risk of sexually transmitted infections One amongst other benefits also includes decreased risk of STIs. 
  • Prevents from penile cancer Though, this kind of risk is low, but it is an added benefit of getting circumcision done. As it lowers the risk even further. 

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Cons of the circumcision procedure 

  • Pain or discomfort during or after the operation Sometimes, the lost of common nervousness while deciding to undergo surgery is the thought of the pain that the patient will experience. Any surgical procedure does cause a slight or mild amount of pain during or after surgery. But, to ensure the patient’s safety and the utmost care, they are given anesthesia to numb the area during surgery and painkillers to bring faster relief. 
  • May impact sexual pleasure People have reported their mixed experiences of Sexual pleasure after circumcision surgery. Some found it better or worse and some just had the same experience with no difference. Therefore, as the surgery is carefully carried out, it is safe and at the lowest possible risk. 
  • Risks and complications Some of the temporary risks of circumcision can be infection or bleeding. But, this generally goes away with proper post-surgery care and does not really occur as the surgeon carefully performs the surgery. 



1. What are the three benefits of circumcision? 

Circumcision ensures good hygiene, certain infectious risks such as urinary infection or sexually transmitted infections, penile cancer or other penile problems are also decreased.

2. Is circumcision actually necessary? 

Circumcision is not usually a necessary procedure to undergo. It isn’t a mandatory requirement but some preventive measures lead to the patient making the decision to get it done. This is, a circumcision is often beneficial to prevent bacteria or infections affecting the health of the person.

3. Are there any positives to circumcision? 

Yes, circumcision is a safe surgical procedure with careful steps. It has various benefits such as lower risk of HIV, lower risk of sexually transmitted infection, lower risk of penile cancer and lowest risk of urinary tract infection.

4. What are the disadvantages to circumcision? 

The disadvantage include pain, discomfort, irritation, inflammation of the opening of the penis, irritation of the glans or risk of penis injury but these and other disadvantages does not occur in all cases. So, choose a surgeon with prior knowledge of this condition and understand your case.

5. Is it better to have a foreskin or not? 

It is normal either way. Someone with or without foreskin does not give much trouble. That is, there is no good or worse to it. A foreskin acts as a refractive tube and essentially protects the glans. 

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