Precautions after LASIK. Is it essential to have some precautionary care after LASIK surgery or can one simply get back to a normal routine life? What are these essential precautions? Multiple such questions must be popping into your head too. Well, let’s take some time and answer these questions here. 

We will help you understand all about the precautions including what to eat, what to avoid, time of recovery, things to keep in mind and things to slightly avoid. Make a note and follow these properly for a successful and quick LASIK surgery recovery. 

Precautions after LASIK

Precautions are one thing that every surgeon after doing the surgery gives in a form of a proper list or guidelines. Following these will only ease the time and process of recovery from any physical recovery. 

These precautions can be many such as taking proper rest, especially relaxing your eyes and taking healing medications. Following are the top 5 essential precautions that every Lasik patient must follow. 

5 precautions tips after LASIK surgery

Wear eye protection shields

After undergoing Lasik surgery, the doctor strongly prescribes their patients wear eye protection shields which will keep the eyes out of any harmful rays, and dust and away from any strain to the eyes. 

Avoid water and water-related activities

Water can harm the eyes, especially initially after surgery. So, avoid any kind of water-related activities or direct contact with water. This can risk the vision. 

Don’t rub or touch your eyes

This is already a known fact that the eyes are the most sensitive part of a human body. Thus, don’t rub, scratch or put pressure on the eyes. 

Avoid any strenuous exercises

Lifting excessive weight in any form or doing regular weightlifting exercises can harm the eyes. It can internally affect the eyes. 

Strictly avoid wearing eye makeup

While undergoing the Lasik surgery recovery phase, any kind of added or make-up products, especially which are not organic, can harm the eyes by causing infection. 

Common queries regarding post-LASIK surgery precautions 

How many days of precautions after LASIK surgery?

After underlying Lasik surgery, the surgeon gives some important precautions which need to be followed for an estimated 2 weeks to 3 weeks. 

Some precautions are simply followed for just a few days but others continue for a week or more. These precautions are the way to have a smooth recovery and experience the best out of the LASIK surgery. 

What should you not do after LASIK?

When talking about precautions, certain things need to be strictly avoided especially for the initial days. 

These are things such as rubbing eyes, putting water in the eyes, lifting heavy weights, skipping medications or going in direct sunlight. 

Which food is best for LASIK surgery

Many beneficial proteins and vitamin-rich foods, 

Diet for LASIK surgery

Those fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruits, carrots, berries, red bell peppers, milk, and green leafy vegetables are best to be added to the diet for recovery from LASIK surgery. 

Avoid food after LASIK surgery

Certain food items can trigger health. Especially after LASIK surgery foods like junk food, fried foods, salty or sugary items, oily foods and spicy foods need to be avoided.

Which 3 fruit is best after LASIK surgery

Fruits which are highly rich with Vitamin C such as berries, grapefruits and orange are best for recovery after LASIK surgery. 

When can I get water in my eyes after LASIK

After LASIK surgery letting water in your eyes is allowed only after six weeks. Before that doing so can affect the eyes or the recovery. 

Can I wash my eyelids after LASIK

After the rye surgery, it is very normal to have a regular bath with water. But, doing this is only allowed after giving a gap of two days at least. Also, keep your eyes protected from getting any soap, hair care products or water. 

Can I watch TV and use my phone after LASIK

Television, mobile phones or any other electronic devices, all of these release harmful rays. These rays can directly affect eyesight. So, for the initial days, it is strongly advised to avoid watching TV as well as using mobile phones. 

When to see a doctor

After successful Lasik surgery, the doctor will schedule a follow-up with the patient. So, one must visit the doctor for regular consultation and updates on the recovery so that the eyes are successfully healed. Also, it is ideal to consult the doctor in case of any emergency, pain, discomfort, redness, itchiness, infection or loss of vision. 

In case of these or any other medical assistance regarding eye problems and other medical ailments. Contact Glamyo Health today and get the best medical assistance. Get your right diagnosis and get rid of the ailment completely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What precautions should be taken after LASIK surgery?

Some of the essential precautions post LASIK surgery are instructed to every LASIK patient by their respective doctor to regularly wear goggles that are specifically designed for eye protection, stay away from water and water-related activities, stay indoors, avoid direct sunlight rays and don’t rub your eyes. 

For further consultancy take the help of Glamyo Health expert cataract surgeons and eye specialist doctors. Get additional benefits and save your eye vision by getting it regularly checked. 

Q. How long do you have to be careful after LASIK?

For patients with Lasik surgery, the time to take extra or complete care is estimated to be anytime between one week to three weeks. Within this gap, a LASIK patient can come out of any precautions that they have been strictly following. 

Lasik isn’t a major surgery that requires many weeks to completely recover but taking a few weeks of care can keep it out of any risk or complications. Also, for routine checkups to see how your condition is progressing, reach out to Glamyo Health for a free consultation with the best eye doctor.  

Q. Can I watch TV after LASIK?

Watching television post Lasik surgery needs to be avoided for 24 hours to 2 or 3 days. The reason is, post-surgery, the eyes are still in a very sensitive condition, so initially watching TV due to its harmful rays that can affect the eyes, is asked by the patients to be avoided. 

Q. Can I use my phone after LASIK?

Just like watching TV or using other gadgets, using mobile phones are equally important to be avoided for the initial 24 hours to 2 or 3 days. Within this initial time, the patient’s eyes are recovering back from the LASIK surgery. Give the eyes ample amount of rest after LASIK surgery to experience complete healing without any complications. 

Q. Is it OK to cry after LASIK? 

Crying post-LASIK surgery is a good thing. Crying can help the eyes lubricate. This further helps in the proper healing process after LASIK surgery. But, equally remember that during this, don’t touch or rub the eyes. This can harm the recovery of the eyes.

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