Poor vision is a concern of every person with low eyesight. This can be a nearsighted vision issue, farsighted vision issue or both near as well as far vision issues. Depending on person to person, poor vision and its severity differ. The number of people with glasses and contact lenses is increasing day by day. 

Thus, poor vision needs immediate collective improvement to protect each individual from leading a disturbed lifestyle and facing difficulties while coping with daily activities. 


Poor vision or low vision is a common condition that occurs when a person starts to face difficulty while seeing things. This is an eyesight problem that can occur at any age, or gender and can be a typical by-birth defect in some cases. 


There are mainly four significant types of poor visions.

  1. 1. Astigmatism 
  2. 2. Myopia
  3. 3. Hyperopia
  4. 4. Presbyopia


Main causes : 

  1. 1. Conjunctivitis 
  2. 2. Migraine 
  3. 3. Diabetes 
  4. 4. Glaucoma 
  5. 5. Cataract
  6. 6. Ageing
  7. 7. By-birth

Other causes : 

  1. 1. Past injuries 
  2. 2. Trauma 
  3. 3. Family history 
  4. 4. Cancer of the eye 
  5. 5. Eye disorders 



  1. 1. Dry eyes or water coming out 
  2. 2. Tearing or discharge 
  3. 3. Burning or irritation
  4. 4. Iris colour change
  5. 5. Trouble focusing 


The diagnosis majorly include undergoing a series of detailed optometry eye test that includes 

  1. 1. Medical history 
  2. 2. Physical tests 
  3. 3. Virtual acuity test 
  4. 4. Colour and contrast detection test
  5. 5. Visual fields test 
  6. 6. Neurological examination


  1. 1. Regular Eye exercises 
  2. 2. Fast and frequent blinking 
  3. 3. Eat only healthy foods 
  4. 4. Add vitamins, nutrients, zinc, copper and antioxidants to your meals
  5. 5. Eat seasonal vegetables 
  6. 6. Regular eye checkups


  1. 1. Continuous screen time for too long 
  2. 2. Keep the brightness level of gadgets full 
  3. 3. Go out in direct sunlight 
  4. 4. Rub or scratch your eyes 
  5. 5. Drink Alcohol and smoking 


Poor vision generally is a permanent condition and cannot be completely corrected through natural remedies, or medication for surgical treatment. 

But, some poor eyesight problems can be aided through the following ways and some can be corrected through surgical methods. 


Eye exercises: Walking barefoot in green grass, palming, 

Healthy diet: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, nutrients and green leafy vegetables 

Poor vision aids: Magnifying glasses, reading prisms, hand magnifiers, lenses that filter light and telescope glasses


  1. 1. LASEK surgery 
  2. 2. LASIK surgery 
  3. 3. Cataract surgery 


  1. 1. Blurry vision 
  2. 2. Double vision 
  3. 3. Permanent vision loss or blindness 
  4. 4. Difficulties seeing at night 
  5. 5. Blind spots 
  6. 6. Cataracts 

Poor vision can lead to difficulties in living a normal lifestyle, going out at night as the night vision decreases, can lead to other eyesight problems and difficulties without eyeglasses or contact lenses are some common complications. 


Poor vision if left untreated can go on to continue and get worse. A person with poor vision might start to face major daily challenges depending on the type of poor vision the person is dealing with, difficulties seeing at night, difficulties driving or doing other activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can poor vision be corrected? 

The condition of loss of vision does not properly get corrected especially if the loss is permanent. 

So, a person needs to make adjustments to their daily life. These are usually done with the help of low-vision aids and techniques prescribed by the ophthalmologist. 

How do you treat poor eyesight? 

Poor eyesight means that the eyes face difficulties to see clearly and are weakened. Thus, keeping eyes hydrated, doing eye exercises regularly, ample amount of sleep, eye foods that keep eyes healthy, being more in the natural environment and getting regular eye tests. 

Does screen time cause poor vision? 

Yes, continuous use of screens can have a high risk of damaging eyes directly. Not just the harmful rays have a worsening effect but along with it, poor vision can occur due to dryness of eyes, straining of eyes and less blinking of eyes. All these happen due to spending hours on the screen. 

What does low vision look like?

Low vision or lack of clear vision looks like having an uncleared or dull vision, these are more common with the vision issue of seeing things or objects that are in the centre of the eye, at each side of the eyes and seeing things in the low lighting. 

What can damage your eyesight? 

Eyesight issues have become common these days. Some of the common causes of eye damage are excessive screen time, dry eyes, ageing, harmful UV rays and excessively using eye drops.

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