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Most patients who plan to undergo piles surgery often wonder if the treatment is covered under mediclaim or not? They think that piles surgery is only covered under health insurance and do not apply for mediclaim. But the truth is piles treatment is covered under both mediclaim and health insurance. However, the mediclaim benefits associated with piles surgeries are subject to the approval of the insurance provider and terms & conditions associated with the insurance policy. Mostly, the piles treatment mediclaim covers diagnostic and blood tests, ambulance cost (if required), OPD and IPD consultation fee against hospitalization, medications, and ICU cost (in case condition turns critical). 

Difference Between Mediclaim Insurance and Health Insurance

Contrary to medical insurance, a health insurance policy is an all-inclusive policy that offers extensive coverage for most of the medical and surgical expenses beyond hospitalization, including ambulance costs, OPD expenses, critical illness, daycare treatments, and pre/ post-hospitalization expenses, critical illness, etc. However, the medical insurance policy benefits are limited to surgical procedures performed post-hospitalization. The only similarity between the two policies is that the insured person can opt for a cashless claim or a reimbursement option during a claim.

Cashless Payment for Piles Treatment with Glamyo Health

Cashless Payment for Piles Treatment

Glamyo Health is a one-stop multi-specialty healthcare service provider for all elective and cosmetic surgeries with personalized care. Since the USP of Glamyo Health is its patient-centric approach, Glamyo Health provides a cashless payment service for advanced laser technology piles treatment, thereby ensuring a hassle-free experience during the treatment. The best part is that Glamyo Health accepts all kinds of insurance policies. Not just that, the patient can easily avail of this mediclaim insurance cashless policy with minimum paperwork. Also, a care buddy is appointed to every patient who explains and handles end-to-end . The insurance claim procedure with Glamyo Health involves only four simple steps as listed below:

Step 1: Glamyo Health appoints a care buddy who collects all the insurance-related documents from the patient and verifies the same.

Step 2: Once the verification is done, the patient gets two options of cashless payment or reimbursement for the advanced piles treatment.

Step 3: Based on the option chosen, the Glamyo Health care buddy initiates the claim process and handles all the paperwork involved.

Step 4: As soon as the claim amount gets sanctioned, the patient is admitted to the hospital and the care buddy completes the remaining formalities simultaneously.

Apart from handling the insurance paperwork, Glamyo Health also provides other lucrative offers, including additional discounts on diagnostic tests, pick up and drop facility to the hospital, a private ac room for the patient and the attendant, free post-surgery follow-ups, etc. making the piles treatment cost-effective, stress-free and easily accessible.


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