Seeking the right place for the piles treatment and at the best cost plays a pivotal role. Piles treatment cost in Mumbai varies upon the major factors including the severity of the Piles, place, city, Doctors consultation fees, type of technique, post follow ups after the surgery etc.

Generally, the Piles treatment cost in Mumbai ranges from Rs. Rs.20,000 to Rs. 1,33,500.

  • Least Piles treatment cost in Mumbai begins from Rs. 20,000
  • Normal for Piles treatment cost in Mumbai is around Rs.42,361
  • Greatest Piles treatment  cost in Mumbai is up to Rs.1,33,500

Piles shows some serious risk if not treated on time. They are basically the result of the swelling and enlargement of some of the veins around the anus. This tends to increase with each passing of time and create a lot of discomfort, itchiness and irritation. The treatment of Piles depends on its grades, for that a doctor may advise some tests to know about the current sitaution of the Piles.

Grades of Piles and its various treatments in Mumbai:

1.Grade I -Hemorrhoids bleed yet don’t prolapse; on colonoscopy, they are viewed as little lumps into the lumen.

2.Grade II -Hemorrhoids prolapse outside the  anal canal channel yet decrease unexpectedly.

3.Grade III– Hemorrhoids project outside the anal canalchannel and ordinarily require manual decrease.

4.Grade IV -Hemorrhoids are more severe and continually prolapsed. Intensely thrombosed hemorrhoids and those including rectal mucosal prolapse and most of the time require surgery.

A Primary care physician uses special techniques to observe the condition of the Piles. He may utilise:

1.Computerized rectal test: Your Doctor inserts their greased up finger into the rectum to feel for enlarged veins.

2.Anoscopy: Your Doctor utilizes an anoscope (lit cylinder) to see the covering of the anus and rectum.

3.Sigmoidoscopy: Your Doctor utilizes a sigmoidoscope (lit cylinder with a camera) to see inside the lower (sigmoid) part of the colon and rectum. Technique types include sigmoidoscopy and proctoscopy.

Treatment of Piles in Mumbai:

Contact Glamyo Health  to Get Cost-Effective Piles Surgery:

If Piles is bothering you and you are looking for Piles Surgery in Mumbai, Glamyo health  can be your optimal objective. At Glamyo health Bangalore, all clinical and non-clinical experts  understand your requirements and offer types of assistance to work on your medical procedure experience. A couple of those services include:

1.Proctologists or Piles trained Specialist

2.Pick and Drop off services on the day of the medical procedure

3.100 percent insurance protection and safety of the patient

4.Free post-medical procedure subsequent meet-ups

5.No-Cost EMI facility

6.Low cost Modern techniques

Kind of Piles Surgery:

The sort of a medical procedure is one of the significant variables that can influence the general expense of Piles medical procedures. Various sorts of Piles medical procedures or therapy strategies are utilized to fix Piles.

Banding and ligation-Can cost around Rs. 25,000

Sclerotherapy – Can cost around Rs. 35,000

Coagulation – Can cost around Rs. 30,000

Hemorrhoidectomy [Stapled hemorrhoidopexy] – Can cost around Rs. 50,000

Hemorrhoid stapling – Can cost around Rs. 45,000

Open Piles medical procedure – Can cost around Rs. 55,000

Laser Piles medical procedure – Can cost around Rs. 60,000

Laser Surgery Provided by Glamyo Health is the safest technique that is utilised to diminish the effect of Piles. It is 100% safe and shows 100% desired results. Laser surgery is painless and stitchless technique. Our doctors in Bangalore make the most use of their skills and technique to help the patients.


In this pandemic, Glamyo Health has used its innovative technology to deliver personalized medical care to the patients. Assuming you wish to go through Laser Piles treatment in Mumbai at a reasonable expense, you can visit us. Also with the services we give, you can have a consistent careful encounter and can get rid of piles with no chance of recurrence.

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