Suffering from Piles for a long time now & want to get the Treatment from the Best Piles Specialist Clinics in Mangalore? Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, are a widespread disease, but few people talk about it. As a result, many people continue to suffer without seeking medical counsel or trying alternative remedies because they are terrified of surgery. Piles specialist Clinics in Mangalore offers the latest laser piles treatment to assist patients to get rid of piles quickly with no visible scars and pain.

Hemorrhoids can cause itching or irritation in the anal region, as well as pain or discomfort, swelling around the anus, and bleeding. Straining while passing stool can result in painless bowel movement haemorrhage. Small amounts of bright red blood may be found on your toilet tissue or in the toilet. Straining can also cause a hemorrhoid to press through the anal orifice, causing pain and irritation (prolapsed or protruding hemorrhoid).


1. Constipation that lasts a long time

2. Diarrhoea for a long time

3. Performing heavy weightlifting

4. Obesity

5. Excessive bowel movement squeezing


1. Excessive Bleeding is a condition in which the body bleeds excessively.

2. Anal pain is minimal.

3. Constipation that hurts

4. Discomfort while sitting due to swelling and itching


A visual examination will be used to identify piles, with the doctor looking for irregularities in the anal canal. The digital rectal exam is another name for the visual examination. The doctor uses a gloved, lubricated finger to find swollen and irritated veins in the rectum during the inspection. Other tests, including anoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy, may be recommended if the doctor feels that piles are caused by another underlying condition.


If your piles are chronic and painful then you will need surgery. Laser piles surgery is the safest and most successful treatment option out of all the options. It is a painless and non-invasive procedure that can permanently cure piles with a quick recovery rate.

One of the Surgical treatments that is mostly used is the laser surgery for piles .It can be used in the treatment of piles, making the whole experience much better.

The hemorrhoidal mass shrinks as a result of the controlled emission of laser radiation that is delivered submucosally. Furthermore, fibrotic repair produces new connective tissue, which helps the mucosa attach to the underlying tissue. A prolapse will not occur or recur as a result of this. There is no link between LHP and the risk of stenosis. Because there are no incisions/cuts or stitches, unlike traditional procedures, the healing/result is good.


Compared to traditional piles surgery, laser piles treatment has various advantages. The Laser Piles treatment does not require any large cuts, making it a BLOODLESS and PAINLESS procedure. The treatment is minimally invasive since a laser fibre is introduced inside the hemorrhoidal mass. The process takes 30-40 minutes and can be done as a DAY CARE procedure.

Glamyo Health is a patient-centred healthcare service provider & our goal is to make the patient’s complete treatment journey seamless and painless. Make an appointment with one of our experts now to discuss your situation in detail. Our medical professionals will assist you in every way they can and will provide the finest treatment strategy for piles. Our piles specialist clinics in Mangalore have a team of expert doctors who will perform a thorough diagnosis and provide innovative daycare treatment to permanently cure piles.

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