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What are Piles?

Piles are enlarged and aroused veins inside the anus  and lower rectum. The piles that happen under the skin of the anus are called outer Piles. The subsequent kind is inside piles that are shaped on the coating of the anus. Piles Or hemorrhoid medical procedure is performed to eliminate the piles.

Who Meets all Requirements for Piles Surgery?

For a patient to have piles  a medical procedure, they ought to have the accompanying issues:

1. Inconvenience peeing

2. Issue with defecations

3. Inconvenience crapping

4. Extreme draining from the  anus

Why is Piles Surgery Conducted?

Piles a medical procedure is led for the accompanying reason, they are,

1. To eliminate inner hemorrhoids

2. To eliminate outside hemorrhoids

3. Repeat of hemorrhoids after medical procedure

Kinds of Piles Surgery Conducted:

There are five kinds of  medical procedure for piles, which mainly  include:

1. Elastic band ligation – It is a surgery where an elastic band is tied around the piles base. This method is utilised to treat backsliding hemorrhoids. This removes the blood supply, which will bring about hemorrhoids contracting off.

2. Coagulation – In this method, the specialist makes a scar on the piles utilising an electric flow or infrared light. This limits the bloodstream to the piles, making it psychological and fall off itself afterwards.

3. Sclerotherapy – In this strategy, a substance is embedded into the piles to numb the sensitive spots. This results in the decrease of piles and thereafter the piles falls off itself.

4.Hemorrhoidectomy – In this methodology, sedation is regulated to the patient. The pile is taken out utilising a surgical blade or seared blade.

5. Hemorrhoid stapling – This method is done explicitly for inward piles . In this method, sedation is regulated and utilises a unique instrument to staple the piles. This limits the bloodstream and permits the piles to shrink in size and fall off

6. Laser hemorrhoidoplasty-It is an Advanced technique for hemorrhoid treatment where the hemorrhoidal blood stream is coagulated by the laser. Before the system, patients should be anaesthetised by the anesthesiologist. Consequently, the system will be directed by the coloproctologist/colorectal specialist, the laser test will be embedded into the hemorrhoids thus the hemorrhoid will just psychologically decrease the risk of unreasonable bleeding and minimal pain during and after the strategy. Since laser hemorrhoidoplasty is an exact methodology, it passes on no impact to the encompassing tissues as well as to the anal sphincters.


Piles or Hemorrhoid Medical procedure is performed to eliminate or shrink the piles that are found in the anus. Choose Glamyo Health as it is the Best Piles Specialist Clinic in Hyderabad to treat Piles and other major Health problems effectively.

The Laser technique is successfully executed in a couple of hours. The patient is discharged on the same day and the recovery is quick as compared to any other Medical Procedure of Piles.

List of The Best Piles Specialist Clinic in Hyderabad is recorded beneath in collaboration with Glamyo Health


2. Glamyo Dental

3. Medeor Hospital

4. Synergy Eye Care

5. Iclinix Advanced Eye Care

6. Neelkanth Hospital Gurgaon

7. Apollo Spectra Gurgaon

8. Apollo Noida

9. Sukhmani Hospital

10. Triton Hospital

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