Cure Piles with Effective Medication

Piles or hemorrhoids are problematic, painful and a cause of major inconvenience. Therefore, symptomatic care usually proves to be incapable of producing any useful result. The cure must be absolute and the relief complete with help of piles of medicine. This is possible via holistic and customized care involving a combination of dietary, medicinal, and surgical management.

Mostly, the chosen treatment and piles of medicine are dictated by the severity and grading of the condition. It has been observed that Grade I (marked by mild pain and itching sensation) and Grade II (marked by pain, itching, and recurrent bleeding) can be managed using prescribed piles of medicine.

Which Medication is best for piles?

During the initial phases, piles can be managed at home by following a healthy lifestyle. You can include a fiber-rich diet, keep yourself hydrated, take a sitz bath and avoid straining during bowel movements. Apart from this, you can take the below-given piles medicines to manage the symptoms associated with piles:

  • Painkillers: A few over-the-counter drugs, such as acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen are recommended by doctors. These medications cannot cure piles but can relieve the pain associated with piles.
  • Corticosteroids: A few of the doctor-recommended steroid ointments can relieve pain, itching, and inflammation.
  • Laxatives or stool-softeners: These medications, including isapgol, looz, laxopeg, etc.

However, it is recommended that these medications must not be used beyond a week if the condition is worsening. As mentioned above, these medications cannot cure piles but can provide temporary relief from the condition. Also, in case of severe grades of piles or appearance of side symptoms, such as dry skin, rashes, etc. you must immediately consult a doctor and get the recommended surgery done.

Can Piles be Cured with Tablets?

The initial phases of piles along with their associated symptoms can be cured by intaking tablets prescribed by the doctor. However, severe grades of piles cannot be cured using tablets. It can even escalate the condition and worsen the effects. Therefore, one needs in severe piles condition, the only cure is surgery. A few of the medications that can be consumed to cure piles or get temporary relief from its associated symptoms are enlisted below:

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Benzocaine: It is a type of local anesthetic which is used to treat painful conditions, such as sore throat and mouth ulcers. This medication is mostly used before interesting instruments into the rectum for piles examination.

Cinchocaine: It is also a potent amino-amide local anesthetic that is prescribed by the proctologists to relieve itching and pain caused by minor burns, sunburns, cuts, insect bites, scratches, etc. Therefore, this medication is used to relieve pain caused in the anorectal area due to piles.

Docusate: It is a stool softener that is prescribed by a doctor to provide relief from constipation. It makes bowel movements easier.

Hydrocortisone: It is a corticosteroid, prescribed to treat severe allergies, asthma, multiple sclerosis, skin conditions, arthritis, etc. This medication can thus relieve pain during bowel movements.

Ibuprofen: It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is prescribed by doctors for relieving mild to moderate pain, inflammation, and fever.

Rutin: It is one of the most significant medicines that treat edema, small blood vessel disease, venous insufficiency, hypertension, etc. associated with hemorrhoids.

Does Himalaya Pilex cure piles?

Himalaya Pilex Forte ointment is formulated using a blend of ingredients (sensitive plant lajjalu and zinc calx) that have proven beneficial for curing piles to some extent. It offers relief from rectal bleeding, itchiness, and pain caused due to piles. Himalaya Pilex also acts as a local analgesic that provides relief from pain during bowel movements. The key benefits associated with Himalaya Pilex are enlisted below:

  • It helps in curing chronic constipation as it softens the stools that ease the excretion of fecal matter.
  • It provides relief from pain caused due to constipation during bowel movements.
  • Since Himalaya Pilex is loaded with antimicrobial properties, it eventually prevents rectal infection.

It gradually cures piles if the condition is not severe.

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