You are not alone if your foreskin is abnormally tight and causes a lot of pain. Phimosis is a medical disorder that occurs when a man’s foreskin is too tight to retract below the head of the penis. This can be quite painful for you, irritate your penis, and cause sexual issues. If you have this condition, you shouldn’t be concerned. The majority of phimosis Infections can be cured in a year, and your foreskin loosens and becomes comfortable and normal again. But for that, you should practice phimosis stretching exercises on your foreskin to help you overcome the health problem.

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Phimosis Stretching Exercises Include: 

  • 1. Stretching the Foreskin 

If you have pinhole phimosis, your foreskin ring is tight and narrow. Pull it against the head of the penis. This happens when you can’t get your fingers into your foreskin. You’ll have to make the hole bigger. Pull the foreskin back over the head of the penis, As much as possible. Repeat after 30 to 40 seconds of relaxing. Do this 10 – 20  times.

Extreme force should not be used to pull the foreskin over the head, as this can result in damage and pain if the ring gets stuck behind the glance. Stretch the foreskin by pulling the ring against an erect head.

 For a more relaxing experience, try doing these stretches in the shower. You might also use a lubricant that is water-based. After stretching, simply rinse off any residue.

  • 2. Stretch the skin by gripping the edges: 

If you have an open ring but the foreskin is still too tight to fit your fingers inside, you should stretch the skin by gripping the edges. Grip the margins of your foreskin on both sides with your thumb and index finger. To spread the foreskin, apply slight pressure. Repeat after 30 to 60 seconds before repeating. Try it three times a day for a few minutes each time.

  • 3. Stretch your foreskin with your fingers: 

Once you can fit your fingers within the foreskin, you’ll be able to stretch it. Stretch the foreskin with your two fingers to retain the ring. Place your fingers back to back on either side of the foreskin with both hands. Pulling in opposing directions, gently stretch the skin by pressing the backs of your fingers against one another. Repeat with the foreskin relaxed. Make sure your fingers are free of debris.

  • 4. Stretch the frenulum: 

If the foreskin isn’t long enough, try stretching the frenulum. Take a look at where the foreskin joins to the frenulum. Take the foreskin right below the head of the penis, where it attaches to the frenulum. Pull the skin down and away from the penis’s head. Keep the same position for 30 seconds. Every time you urinate, you can extend this.

  • 5. Stretching in the shower: 

Stretching can be unpleasant at times. You could discover that stretching your foreskin is easier if you use warm water. Take a hot shower or bathe in a heated bath. It will not only help you relax, but the warm water may also assist loosen your skin.

  • 6. Use a flesh tunnel: 

You may find that expanding your foreskin requires little assistance. Silicone devices that you can adhere to your foreskin and leave are known as flesh tunnels. For a few hours at a time, the tunnel keeps the foreskin extended. You can try a new funnel once you’ve got one finger inside your foreskin.

For proper results of Phimosis Stretching exercises, One must do it with the right Technique. 

Use light pressure: Because the foreskin is so delicate, you should always exercise caution when stretching it. If you stretch it too hard, it can aggravate your disease. Light pressure should be used when stretching the skin.

Instead of stretching the foreskin as far as it will go, try tensing and relaxing it by stretching it back and forth in a continuous motion. Instead of retaining the foreskin in one position, tense and relax it by working it down back and forth.

Stretch your foreskin on a regular basis: Stretching your foreskin is crucial, therefore make it a part of your daily routine. The more stretches you do, the more flexible and loose your skin will become.

Stretch upwards and outwards: Pull your foreskin ring up and open instead of tugging it down. It will be easier to avoid folding it back around the glans if you do this.

Stretch the part of your foreskin that is the tightest: Determine which area of your foreskin is the tightest. You’ll have to look at your foreskin to figure out where this is for you. Which area of your body do you wish to stretch? And stretch the tightest areas for an instant result. 

If nothing is helping and you are still suffering from the infection, even after trying every Remedy, the permanent and most effective treatment for Phimosis is Circumcision. You can get the most advanced, affordable, and Painless Circumcision surgery is done in your city by booking an appointment at the Glamyo Health website and getting Free Counselling.

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