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What is Penis Enlargement?

Increasing the penis size in length using various surgical and non-surgical methods is called Penis enlargement. 

How to Enlarge Penis Size

There are various ways for penis enlargement, including

  • 1. Pills
  • 2. Lotions
  • 3. Extenders
  • 4. Surgeries
  • 5. Vacuum devices

Types Of Penis Enlargement Methods

There are surgical and non-surgical options available for penis enlargement:

  • 1. Non-surgical methods include pills, lotions, vacuum devices, Jelqing, and penile extenders. 
  • 2. Surgical methods include releasing suspensory ligaments and penile augmentation.

Non-surgical options

Penile enlargement using pills or lotions usually contains hormones, herbs, shrubs, and vitamins. These products are made without proper trials and research for the doses used with humans. Hence, they may pose a lot of harm to people.

Vacuum devices are pumps that use tubes to enlarge the penis by placing them over the penis and creating a vacuum to draw blood towards the penis. Such a method can be harmful to the tissues leading to impotence. 

Jelqing is a type of exercise to pull and enhance blood circulation in the entire organ. 

Penile extenders are the devices for penile traction for extending the penis by attaching the device to the penis.

Penis Enlargement Treatment- Surgical options

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Different methods of penis enlargement surgery:

Silicone Implants

This method of penis enlargement includes the surgical insertion of silicone (medical grade) made of a crescent shape. This medically designed silicone is placed beneath the skin of the penis to make it look larger. An example of a surgical procedure approved by the FDA for penis enlargement is the Penuma procedure.

Procedure for implanting silicone under penis skin: An incision is made in the upper portion of the penis to slip the silicone inside the shaft. There is proper shaping and designing of the silicone implants before their implantation inside the penis to give a perfect fit to the penis. 

Fat transfer

Fat transfer to enlarge the penis is another surgical procedure to make the penis look bigger or larger. The procedure involves the removal of fat cells or adipose tissues from a suitable body part of the individual and injecting them into the penis shaft rough a minute incision made at an appropriate location.

Suspensory ligament division

Ligamentolysis is another technique to enlarge the penis by surgery involving suspensory ligaments. In this procedure, the flaccid penis appears comparatively larger by cutting the ligaments that form a connection between the pubis and penis.  

The surgeon cuts the ligament in the surgical procedure, eventually moving the skin from the abdominal region to the penis shaft.  

Other Augmentations

  • 1. Tissue grafts in the penis from some other body part of the individual
  • 2. Injecting penis filler- Hyaluronic acid is injected into the penis as a filler under the penis shaft (a non-surgical method of penis enlargement)
  • 3. Injecting polylactic acid: This filler enables the development of fibroblasts where it is injected. 
  • 4. Penile disassembly – Separating the penile parts into the following 
  • 5. Glans cap 
  • 6. Corpora cavernosa
  • 7. Urethra 

Penis Enlargement Food

  • 1. Spinach
  • 2. Coffee – triggers reactions in the body to increase blood flow.
  • 3. Apples
  • 4. Avocados
  • 5. Chili peppers
  • 6. Carrots
  • 7. Oats
  • 8. Tomatoes
  • 9. Bananas for potassium circulation.
  • 10. Hot Sauce
  • 11. Green Tea is rich in compounds called catechins. Blood flow to the genitals
  • 12. Dark Chocolate – increases mood-enhancing hormone serotonin and relaxes blood vessels 
  • 13. Honey – impact blood sugar levels

Penis Enlargement Supplements or pills

Ginkgo biloba has been found in many supplements and pills that claim to enhance penis size due to its ability to enhance sexual drive and blood flow through the entire penis. Some pills tend to have steroids that increase hormone levels, like testosterone, considered a size booster. They have herbs, certain vitamins, and natural products to increase penis size.

Some examples include: 

  • 1. Ashwagandha – It is a well-known shrub used in a large number of Ayurvedic medicine
  • 2. Maca root- a plant of Peruvian origin
  • 3. Extract from Black ginger – Kaempferia parviflora 
  • 4. Yohimbe extract – used in herbal supplements

Penis Enlargement Ayurvedic oil

  • 1. Penis enlargement oil from Men’s Health
  • 2. Ayurvedic Oil from man sure
  • 3. Shilajit Oil

Penis Enlargement Capsule

  • 1. Testo Booster capsules from mars
  • 2. Capsules for penis enlargement from Natural

Penis Enlargement Tablet: Penis enlarging tablets from ZedRX

About Penis enlargement medications

According to various studies, in many men, penis enlargement pills don’t work at all. There have been a lot of health risks found to be associated with penis enlargement pills. Largely, the pills are not FDA-approved. However, they claim to contain natural ingredients that might affect people in some way or another. They have both physical and mental effects. Certain ingredients in penis enlargement medications have a profound effect due to the inconsistency of their contents, leading to behavioral changes like mood swings, hallucinations, and anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the size of the penis be increased?

Yes, the size of the penis can be increased using various surgical and non-surgical ways. The best-proven ways are the surgical procedures giving proper results. 

How long is the recovery time of penis enlargement surgery?

For safe penis enlargement surgery, people are recommended not to go for strenuous exercise for at least 45 days. It is advisable to seek proper medical attention and regular check-ups for healing.

What are the preparations before a penis implant?

Preparations before the penis implant

  • 1. General anesthesia is given according to the individual’s test before the surgery or the penis implant.
  • 2. To prevent different infections, recommended antibiotics can be taken

Are there any side effects of penis enlargement?

Yes, there can be a large number of side effects from surgical as well as non-surgical procedures like:

  • 1. Distortion of the Penis
  • 2. Swelling in the penis
  • 3. Infection from surgery
  • 4. Development of cysts or bumps
  • 5. Scarring

Is it necessary to undergo penis enlargement surgery?

In most cases, there is no true need to enlarge the penis. There is a rare condition called micropenis; wherein penis enlargement is necessary.

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