PCOD Treatment – PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease, is a medical condition where the ovaries of women produce partially mature or immature eggs in large amount and, with time, becomes cysts in the ovaries, which makes the ovaries large and secrete huge amount of male hormones that lead to irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, abnormal weight gain, and hair loss. However, PCOD can be managed and controlled by modifications of lifestyle and diet. 

PCOD does not lead to any serious condition. Females or Women start observing symptoms during their first periods, and sometimes women are found to have this condition when they gain huge body weight. The major symptoms of this condition are the following.

  • 1. Weight gain 
  • 2. Acne or oily skin 
  • 3. Hair loss or thinning of hair 
  • 4. Difficulty in getting pregnant 
  • 5. Irregular periods 
  • 6. Excessive hair growth 
  • 7. Skin tags 
  • 8. Darkening of skin 
  • 9. Excessive growth of hair on face and different parts of the body. 

Complications of PCOD Problem

Being a woman, you will wonder about seeing the changes made in your body when you are having PCOD. If the level of androgen is high in your body, then it may impact your overall health. The following are the complications that make you seek medical attention. 

  • 1. Hypertension infertility 
  • 2. Abnormal uterine bleeding 
  • 3. Type 2 diabetes 
  • 4. Miscarriage
  • 5. Depression 
  • 6. Endometrial cancer
  • 7. Sleep apnea 
  • 8. Metabolic syndrome 
  • 9. Premature birth 

What are the Treatment Options for PCOD?

PCOD majorly impacts hormonal imbalances in women or females. There are some home remedies and natural ways that can help you decrease your androgen level in your body, such as 

Limiting the consumption of carbohydrates

Follow a low-carb diet or a diet high in complex carbs if you have PCOS or PCOD because they help to keep your insulin levels stable. Avoid sugar and starchy meals and consume eggs, fish, meat, veggies that grow above ground, and natural fats.

Maintaining Healthy Body Weight

Body mass index ranges between 18.5 to 24.9 to be considered the healthy or ideal weight for females. People with 30 BMI or body mass index are considered unhealthy and overweight. Maintaining a healthy weight can be beneficial for preventing this condition, and with that, it will also help in improving the cholesterol of your overall body, decreasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

Exercising Regularly

If you have this condition, then regular exercising can be helpful for regulating your blood sugar levels and keeping your weight under control. 

Natural Ways to Treat PCOD 

In most cases, this condition goes away on its own without any treatment. However, you must take a doctor’s consultation to treat this problem. The following are the natural ways and remedies that can help in treating PCOD.

  • 1. Involve consumption of whole foods in your regular diet.
  • 2. Include anti-inflammatory foods 
  • 3. Try to limit the consumption of carbohydrates.
  • 4. Increase the intake of fiber
  • 5. Stop having coffee
  • 6. Increase the intake of iron and magnesium.
  • 7. Consume soy products
  • 8. Start exercising regularly
  • 9. Avoid oily, junk, and fatty foods.

Making these changes in your diet and lifestyle can be beneficial in maintaining your overall health and preventing this condition. 

Medicine for PCOD Problems

Clomifene is a medicine that is used for treating PCOS. This medicine can be the first treatment that your doctor may recommend if you have this condition and women who are trying to get pregnant. This can help in promoting the release of an egg every month from your ovaries. 

Moreover, if this medicine is unable to treat this condition, then a medicine, namely Metformin, can be recommended by your doctor or gynecologists. 

Metformin is mainly used for curing type 2 diabetes. However, it also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and decreasing your insulin which further helps in treating PCOS.

Foods to Avoid in PCOD 

Women with PCOD must avoid the following foods as they may affect their overall health. The below foods should be avoided.

  • 1. Sugary beverages 
  • 2. Refined carbohydrates 
  • 3. Processed meats
  • 4. Excess red meat
  • 5. Solid fats should be avoided
  • 6. Fried and oily foods involving junk or fast foods. 

Can PCOD Be Cured Permanently?

Although PCOD does not currently have a permanent treatment, most women can nevertheless enjoy very normal lives. This necessitates health management and an active lifestyle. Symptoms like weight gain, irregular periods, acne, excessive hair growth and infertility—is dealt with on an individual basis. Maintaining a good outlook and being in touch with your doctors is crucial if you want to take advantage of any new treatment possibilities. 


If you are also facing this condition and are unable to manage it, then you can connect with our expert gynecologists. We provide free OPD consultations with highly experienced doctors. We also provide no-cost EMI or zero interest rate, free pick-up and drop services, and post-surgery follow-ups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main reason for PCOD?

The major cause of PCOD is unknown, but this could be because of genetics. 

Is PCOD may lead to a problem?

No, PCOD does not consider a serious disease because it can be managed with effective exercise and dieting. 

What are PCOD problem symptoms?

Excessive hair growth, difficulty in getting pregnant, weight gain, etc., are the major symptoms of PCOD. 

How do you cure PCOD?

Clomifene is a medicine that is used for treating PCOS. This medicine can be the first treatment that your doctor may recommend if you have this condition. 

Is PCOD a problem in pregnancy?

It has been found that women with PCOS have to struggle to get pregnant, and they have a higher risk of facing complications during the period of pregnancy. However, you may or may not face difficulty in getting into PCOD.

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