Some of the PCOD exercise that are highly effective in treating or alleviating PCOD symptoms need to be considered as they pose greater health impact in comparison to targeted mangement of the diseases that occur in PCOD. PCOD exercise must include all those activities that help women improve insulin resistance, hormonal balance, and cardiovascular fitness.  There have been lot of studies on functioning of the body that gets altered in response to some exercise that eventually help with the symptoms of PCOD.   

Here are some exercises that help PCOS women deal with their health abnormalities along with medications:

PCOD Exercises

  • 1. Aerobic exercise
  • 2. Resistance training
  • 3. Bicycle riding (stationary or outside)
  • 4. Jogging
  • 5. Treadmill walking 

When performed moderately or vigorously, these exercises benefit many women suffering from PCOS.

Types of PCOD Exercise

  • 1. CARDIO
  • 4. HIIT

CARDIO is essential for the following:

  • 1. Reducing insulin resistance
  • 2. Boosting fertility
  • 3. Stabilizing mood

Cardio includes moderate exercise such as

  • 1. Brisk walking
  • 2. Jogging
  • 3. Cycling 
  • 4. Swimming 

All the exercises mentioned above are great activities to help with PCOS. Giving at least 20 -30 minutes per day can help in weight management among PCOS women.


Helpful in the following procedures: reduction of insulin resistance, enhancing metabolic rate, improvising composition of the body (that involves increasing muscle and decreasing fat tissue)

Training that increases strength includes; bodyweight exercises, including

  • 1. Squats
  • 2. Push-ups
  • 3. Tricep dips

These will help improve the functioning of the hormone insulin within the body.

High Intensity Exercise with Intervals

Type of training that includes higher intensity with appropriate intervals will be helpful in

  • 1. Enhance cardio fitness
  • 2. Decrease circumference of the waist

The intervals between these exercises involve the following:

  • 1. Swapping between lower and higher intensity workouts helps in regaining energy.
  • 2. It is one of the efficient ways to boost cardiovascular fitness.


Exercise that helps prevent injuries and health well-being. It will help prepare the women’s body for pregnancy. 

The exercise increases muscles to support the spine and ensures no injuries while doing exercise. If a woman is making up her mind to conceive, she needs to train the pelvic floor muscles.

Steady-state cardio workouts are a type of cardiovascular exercise that leads to 50% to 70% of the maximum heart rate by increasing the heart’s pumping. This category includes aerobic exercises like aerobics, walking, dancing, and riding a bicycle. 

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts: The workout helps balance rest and intensity with burpees and tuck jumps. According to a study, obese women enjoyed HIIT exercise compared to continuous exercise (vigorous or moderate). The enjoyment factor is essential as it will help stick to the long-term routine needed by PCOS women.  

Exercise for mind and body: According to studies, women suffering from PCOS are more responsive to reducing the symptoms of PCOS. Some exercises like tai chi, pilates, and yoga help burn calories and reduce stress.

Strength training: Helpful in building healthy bones and muscles through weight and other exercises. Enhancing muscle mass and bone density eventually helps in burning a large number of calories and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. 

Benefits of exercises in PCOS Women

Exercise helps in boosting Insulin Sensitivity

Cardio exercises regularly help body cells respond well to insulin, reducing the risk of various PCOS complications like heart disease and diabetes.

Lowering Cholesterol Level

Women suffering from PCOS usually have higher levels of fatty acids and cholesterol. The accumulation of cholesterol and fatty acids unnecessarily contributes to metabolic syndrome common in women suffering from PCOS. Therefore, exercising is the best way to help them reduce cholesterol levels and stay healthy with a low-fat diet. 

Increases Endorphins

Depression is the most likely emotional stress that women with PCOS face, and that can be helped by releasing enough endorphins. Exercise helps the body release the hormone endorphins and promotes wellness. Managing stress and depression becomes easy with exercises and the release of endorphins.

Better Sleep

Appropriate management of the sleep-wake cycle has a major impact on hormone regulation. Regular exercise help in getting better sleep. As women suffering from PCOS face a lot of problems like 

  • 1. Sleep apnea
  • 2. Snoring 
  • 3. Insomnia

Adding the exercises to the daily schedule will help improve after the body gets tired from the extra activity.

Help in lowering the risk of Heart Disease

Heart diseases affect large number of women at every stage of their life. But the women who are suffering from PCOS have higher risk for accumulating cholesterol in the arteries and other blood vessels (atherosclerosis), this onlu cause increased blood pressure because of high amounts of cholesterol in the body. Therefore, it becomes highly important to regularly perform  cardiovascular exercise  to get rid of excess cholesterol in the body that accumulates in the blood vessels and cause various health complications.

Regulates Hormones

When more calories are burned in activities than the number of calories taken in the body leads to the utilization of the fat stored in the body’s fat cells. This process helps in losing weight by helping get rid of excess body fat. Having an excess amount of fat poses an enormous impact on hormones like the production of estrogen. When a person aims to reduce extra fat in the fat cells (or adipose tissues) eventually helps in regulating hormones and preventing the worsening of PCOS.

Weight Loss

Losing weight becomes highly difficult for women with PCOS. They must struggle to start and continue the programs scheduled for losing weight, like training and exercise. A healthy diet, regular cardio workouts, and intense training exercise help lose weight. 

PCOD exercises for Outdoor

Various exercises can be done outdoors to help manage PCOS like

  • 1. Cycling 
  • 2. Swimming

Frequently Asked Questions

Which exercise is best for PCOS?

CARDIO workouts are considered the best exercise for managing PCOS. Moderate exercise, including jogging, brisk walking, cycling and swimming, helps PCOS women greatly. Cardio workouts include exercise that helps increase the sensitivity of the bodily cells to the hormone insulin. Eventually, they help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Can we cure PCOS with exercise?

Exercise alone is not the cure for PCOS, but if combined with a diet full of proteins, nutrients, vitamins and calcium, it can result in moderate weight loss. According to the studies, it is proven that losing weight help lower the risk of development of diabetes, high cholesterol, high BP (blood pressure), and diabetes.

How can I solve PCOS at home?

To help ease the effects of PCOS at home, some of these remedies can be tried:

  • 1. Try to maintain a healthy body and weight. If a woman is obese, try to lose weight; that will help lower levels of androgen and insulin. Also, it helps in restoring the process of ovulation.
  • 2. Limit carbohydrates as the high-carbohydrate food would increase hormone insulin levels. 
  • 3. Try to be active in exercise that will eventually help lower blood sugar levels.
  • 4. Dietary changes.
  • 5. Supplements.
  • 6. Herbs.
  • 7. Probiotics.
  • 8. Healthy weight.
  • 9. Regular exercise.
  • 10. Sleep hygiene.
  • 11. Stress management.

Can PCOS go away with weight loss?

Weight loss will not permanently treat PCOS but will help overweight women with their symptoms and prevent developing long-term health-related problems arising from PCOS. According to an estimation, weight loss in women with PCOS (just 5%) had significantly improved symptoms and complications of PCOS.

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