Anal fistula is an infected passage between the skin and the anus. One of the most effective and popular pain killer tablets for fistula is Nitroglycerin rectal. Apart from this there are a lot of medication that can be utilised for treating Anal fissure.

1. Nitroglycerin rectal is utilized to ease the pain brought about by constant anal fistula (tears in the skin covering your rectum).Nitroglycerin rectal may likewise be utilized for purposes not recorded in this medicine guide. This medicine offers multiple advantages.

How Could I Utilize Nitroglycerin Rectal?

Follow all the instructions given by your primary care physician or check how to use them on the package. Utilize the medication precisely as coordinated.

1.Try not to take it by mouth. Use it just in your rectum.

2.Nitroglycerin rectal can cause extreme cerebral pains. Ask your PCP prior to utilizing any migraine drug.

3.It might require as long as 3 weeks before your indications move along. Continue to use as coordinated and let your primary care physician know if your side effects don’t improve or then again assuming they deteriorate while utilizing Nitroglycerin rectal.

Other than this, making a practice to include Fibre Diet as eating a decent amount of high fiber diet can prevent the stoppage and the hard defecations .You can likewise utilize intestinal medicines, similar to psyllium, stool conditioners, for example, docusate, or osmotic, for example, magnesia, which can mellow and permit the smooth development of the stools.

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2.Topical Sedatives

Skin narcotics, for example, lidocaine cream block the nerves that communicate pain. Narcotics are useful in treating persistent anal issues and they can be applied straightforwardly on the specific region to ease pain brought about by fistula 

 3.Nifedipine and Diltiazem

For patients who can’t bear the manifestations of nitroglycerin, medications that are undeniably used to treat beat (hypertension) can be used to relax the anal sphincter. Those prescriptions are nifedipine or diltiazem.

4.Botulinum infusion(Injections)

Whenever moderate medicine treatment doesn’t work, botulinum infusions A, additionally called Botox, are outstandingly practical at relaxing the anal sphincter.


Certain Laxatives with the brand name like Metamucil (psyllium fiber) and Phillips Milk of Magnesia are great for anal fistula. Metamucil (psyllium fiber) is an oral enhancement and this one pack should be taken for about three times in a day. Sometimes, Laxatives can likewise show a few normal aftereffects like Diarhea, gas. So, it ought to be drunk in a sufficient amount to keep away from any Health issues.

Moreover, purgatives from Phillips milk of magnesia brand additionally should be consumed for around 5ml once every day or as coordinated by your doctor. Some of the normal symptoms of this diuretic is Diarrhea, bad taste in the mouth, stomach cramps.

Note: Every medication has its own advantages and disadvantages. Need to consult a doctor before coming to any conclusion. These medications are helpful to ease out the complications for a while only. Permanent treatment is needed to get rid of Anal fistula once for all.

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