The Health Ministry is working to build a ‘One Nation, One Organ Allocation’ policy in which there will not be any requirement for domicile certification to register for the need of organ transplantation. 

The Union Health Ministry has ordered the states to eliminate the domicile criterion while registering for the organ seeking patients from deceased donors for transplantation procedures. To make the process more firmer, they recommended uniformity in the guidelines for organ transplantation registration, allocation, and other factors. They did this in response to the Supreme Court orders asking for strict examination in the transplantation procedure and guidelines. 

The court has also ordered to take actions on the states which are imposing the requirement of submission of domicile certificates from the patients. 

Some states charge fees ranging between Rs 5,000 to 10,000 for organ transplantation registration, to which the Union Health Ministry has strictly warned them to stop charging the fee as it was violating the rules under Transplantation of Human and Tissues Rules (2014).

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