Google has developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can decipher doctors’ bad handwriting. During the ‘AI for India’ event, Google unveiled a new feature in Google lens that will help identify medicines and prescriptions written in difficult-to-understand handwriting. 

In view of the evergreen joke, that even doctors can not understand doctors’ handwriting, the AI and machine learning department of Google is now ready to launch a tool that can make Doctor’s prescriptions and medical notes easy to understand. Their team along with pharmacists are working on the model to find out ways to decode handwritten prescriptions by doctors. 

According to the world’s most dominating information tech company, this AI feature will ensure great assistance in digitizing handwritten doctors’ prescriptions by including medical professionals in the loop. The tech companies’ Google lens feature was initially developed to detect objects and provide information about these objects, now they are moving forward to use this lens to translate the Doctor’s shabby language. However, much effort is still needed before this system is ready to use in the real world, Google said. 

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