Moles Treatment – Moles are usually the growth of your skin. You may have multiple moles on your body. Moles are not harmful and it does not affect your body or skin negatively. Moreover, it is not necessary to remove moles until it is not bothering you or not to make you feel conscious. but, if you notice changes in the existing moles then you should consult your doctor as it may lead to cancerous cells in your body. 

Mole Removal treatment with laser

The mole removal laser pulses several hundred every second. This pulsing movement reduces the chance of scarring and shields the skin from heat damage.

Moreover, it has been found that laser mole removal provides great outcomes. So if you want to get this treatment done then you can make us a call for a free consultation on the laser mole removal procedure. 

How are moles treated by dermatologists?

Most probably moles are a medical condition that needs to be treated. However, your dermatologists will only remove the following types of moles.

  • 1. Moles that make you feel unattractive and self-conscious. 
  • 2. Bothersome moles, for example, moles that may rub against clothing.
  • 3. Suspicious moles (moles that might lead to skin cancer). 

Avoid Removing Moles at Home 

You may find it very easy and convenient to cut or shave off the mole by yourself, there are some major reasons why moles should be removed by dermatologists only.

Scarring – if you remove the mole by yourself then you may disfigure your skin with scars. 

Skin cancer – if the existing mole contains skin cancer cells then some cells may spread to the surrounding areas and can stay in your skin. 

Infection – your dermatologists will use sterile equipment for preventing infection.

Permanent Mole Removal – Safe & Professional Treatment

Moles are just the growth of the skin which may appear as small to large, black or brown spots. It can develop anywhere over your body and sometimes you may feel conscious if they are prominent in location and size. If you want to get rid of moles and searching for a painless and safe treatment for this condition then you are on the right page. You can connect with Glamyo Health as we have expert surgeons. Our doctors perform minimally invasive surgeries which lower the chances of risk. We provide a free consultation to our patients, no-cost EMI or zero interest, and personalized care. 

Expectations after Mole Removal 

This surgery is associated with some complications and risks. In some cases, patients may develop some infections after the treatment. You must follow the instructions provided by your dermatologists as it will help in reducing the risk of infection. 

You must also consider the bleeding risk. While some bleeding is expected after surgery, excessive bleeding is not common at all. You should see your dermatologist if the bleeding doesn’t stop after 20 minutes after applying clean gauze and mild pressure.

After a mole is removed, scars are very normal. Scarring is a common aspect of the recovery process. A scar indicates that the wound on your skin is healing and closing. However, speak with your doctor if scarring bothers you.

Most of the time, it will be going to be difficult for you to identify the area of your body where the surgery was performed. The scar is generally less obvious than most individuals had imagined. You can also use a variety of treatments and methods to reduce the visibility of a scar after mole removal surgery.

Methods Used for Mole Removal

Mole removal procedures or methods are generally painless because they are performed with local anesthesia. The following are the types of methods for mole removal.

Excision or cutting

In this kind of skin mole surgery, the mole is given a local anesthetic before being surgically removed along with a tiny portion of the surrounding skin. Under the skin’s surface, some cells have developed with the moles and when these cells are removed, the skin may need to be stitched together, leaving a little scar that will eventually disappear.


Liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze off benign moles that haven’t penetrated the deeper layers of skin and are non-cancerous. Although this kind of skin mole treatment is an outpatient operation, it may leave a small blister on your skin.

Shave Removal

Some moles may be shaved. They don’t need to be numbed before the procedure and it will leave only a pink mark after the mole removal. 

Laser Removal

A laser treatment can also be used to get rid of smaller, non-cancerous moles that don’t stick out above the skin’s surface. Intense laser radiation bursts are used in this skin mole treatment to destroy the cells of the mole in your skin. The mole can usually be removed with this procedure in two or three sessions. This method is mainly used when other methods find it difficult to reach sensitive areas like ears, face, etc. this treatment is useful for getting rid of many moles at once.


Moles are not harmful but if you are conscious about them and if it is bothering you then you can go for mole removal treatment or surgery. You can connect with the Glamyo Health coordinator for a free consultation which will let you know about the procedure and its benefits. We provide a free OPD consultation, personalized care, zero interest or no-cost EMI, and post-surgery follow-ups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treatment for mole removal?

The surgical excision method is the most recommended procedure for mole removal. However, if you want to get rid of moles from the face, ears, and other sensitive areas then laser mole removal will be the best option for you.

Is removing moles a good idea?

If your mole is pre-cancerous then removing the mole is definitely a good idea.

How to remove moles from the face permanently?

Laser mole removal can help you permanently remove the mole from your face as this method is commonly used for removing moles from the face and ears.

Do moles grow back after removal?

No, if your mole has been removed properly then it will not grow again.

How Often Should I Get a Skin/Mole Check?

It is recommended that you should check the mole by yourself every 1 to 3 months to observe changes like size, color, and asymmetrical because it will let you know whether your mole is normal or not.

Can I Remove a Mole for Cosmetic Reasons?

Yes, you can go for mole removal surgery for cosmetic reasons if you feel self-conscious.

Is Mole Removal Covered by Insurance?

Yes, if the mole is cancerous and needs to be removed for any medical reasons then it will be covered under your medical insurance.

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