Mole Removal Surgery Cost in India

The cost of surgically excising moles depends on various factors like

  • 1. Number of moles
  • 2. Size of moles
  • 3. Depth of moles. 
  • 4. The cost of removing moles by laser surgery range between ₹10,000 – ₹40,000 in India.

The other surgical procedures cost less than advanced and effective laser surgery for mole removal. They can start from as low as ₹1000 and increase based on the complexity of the procedure.

Kinds of Procedure to Remove Mole

For removing moles, there are almost four types of procedures:

  • 1. Excision of moles
  • 2. Shave removal of moles
  • 3. Laser removal of moles
  • 4. Mole removal using the freezing method 

Excision: Excision is the cutting off of a mole along with the slight margin of surrounding skin with the help of a scalpel or sterilized surgical scissors. 

Before mole excision, local anesthesia is injected near the mole to make the mole removal process painless. Doctors may stitch and close the mole wound if the mole has more depth underneath the skin.

Shaving off the mole: The shaving method of mole removal is similar to the process of excising the mole. The shaving method uses a scalpel to shave off the mole by slightly taking off different skin layers until the entire mole is scraped off. This process is also undertaken under local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel pain.

Laser method of mole removal: Moles removal using lasers is a common procedure done on a minute, non-cancerous, and flat mole. The laser uses light radiation of a certain wavelength to destroy the tissues of moles. The laser removal strategy is advantageous when moles are located at locations that are not easily accessible. For example, ears or certain areas of skin like moles on the face. The laser technique of mole removal is a good option for removing multiple moles present at a specific body site.

Freezing: The moles on skin surfaces can also be removed using the freezing technique. The freezing technique to remove moles uses liquid nitrogen to freeze, and eventually, it is taken off from its position.

Reasons for Mole Removal

There are various reasons why people opt to remove moles:

  • Mole might be cancerous.
  • There may be multiple moles present at a particular location
  • Moles are getting altered 
  • The morphology that includes size, color or even shape of the mole is changing
  • Moles present on the face
  • Moles getting painful 
  • Moles compromising beauty and looks 

Therefore, it is recommended that a dermatologist should evaluate some moles. A skin specialist having significant experience in mole diagnosis and removal will perform certain tests to check the malignancy of the moles.

Are There Any Side Effects of Mole Removal Treatment?

The side effects of mole removal depend on the area being treated and the method of removal. Adverse effects of mole removal methods vary from

  • 1. Infection
  • 2. Rare anesthetic allergy 
  • 3. Nerve damage.
  • 4. Reddening at mole site
  • 5. Localized pain
  • 6. The feeling of hotness in the skin
  • 7. Pus in the wound
  • 8. Infections may lead to sepsis.
  • 9. Life-threatening blood infection 
  • 10. Irritation in the skin surrounding the mole wound
  • 11. Scar of mole removal (Larger scar in case of big moles)

How does Laser Treatment Work for Mole Removal?

Laser treatment for mole removal works best compared to other mole removal strategies. It has the least side effects and complications after laser surgery. The laser surgery to remove a mole include the removal of layers of the mole by evaporating subsequent mole layers. 

  • 1. The method is patient-friendly with the least invasiveness and pain.
  • 2. There is little to no bleeding at all, and no serious health issues arise as a result of mole surgery.
  • 3. There can be slight tingling at the mole site. 

What is the price of Mole Removal Laser Surgery?

The price to get mole removal surgery ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹40,000. But this price range can differ depending on various factors related to mole size, body site, removal technique used, and other such aspects. 

What are some factors that will determine the cost of mole removal by laser?

There are always certain variations in mole removal cost. It is variable in different patients. Some factors that determine the cost of mole removal are :

  • 1. Mole depth in the skin 
  • 2. Size of the mole
  • 3. The shape of the mole 
  • 4. Localization of mole at a particular body site

Different techniques for the removal of a mole have an impact on cost as well. Therefore, the advanced techniques might have higher treatment costs than the conventional treatment methods. The variation in cost may be as low as INR 3000 or as high as INR 40000.

How Much Mole Removal Surgery can Cost in India?

Taking into consideration a lot of aspects associated with the surgical removal of moles, it may cost Rs. 12,300.

How much does it cost to remove a facial mole?

The removal of moles present on the face becomes important in a lot of cases, and the cost of removing one mole from the facial skin can cost between 4000 to 6000. 

Which technique or surgery should be chosen to remove a facial mole? How much does it cost?

Opting for laser surgery is the best technique to get rid of a facial mole. Laser treatment to remove all the moles from the face gives an enormous amount of expenditure. Furthermore, completely removing in-depth moles need two or more surgical attempts hence the total cost increases accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know the cost of removing a mole?

The cost to remove a mole depends on various factors and may range from Rs 3000 to Rs. 5000

An individual must consult the health care facilities like Glamyo health to get to know the best price and land on top of the surgical outcome. Glamyo health provides a perfect platform to resolve all the queries related to cost coverage of mole removal using advanced techniques like laser mole removal. They also provide information if the cost that can be covered in the insurance plan. 

A single hassle-free system lets the patient know entire knowledge from the beginning to the doctor consultation and diagnosis of a mole at a minimal price. 

Why is Mole Removal Important?

Mole removal becomes important due to various complications of the malignancy of the mole. 

It becomes necessary if it shows evident signs of cancerous growth. 

Alterations in the morphology or mole appearance are an indication of tumor development. 

The change in morphology could be in terms of size alteration, color change, or change in texture or shape of a mole. 

How an individual attempts to check the type of mole:

Self-checking the mole

  • 1. Look for the symmetry of the mole: if the mole is asymmetric, its two sides look different.
  • 2. Border lining of the mole: The irregularities, uneven (crooked), and sharp border must be observed.
  • 3. Color: look for the color of the mole if it is multi-colored. The mole is multi-colored.
  • 4. Diameter of mole: The width of the mole is examined if it is 6 mm or more in width. 
  • 5. Evolution of mole: If the mole is evolving its shape, size, color, or feeling. 


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