Mole removal usually takes a very short time. During this method, your surgeon will give you anesthesia to numb the area near the mole and then cut the mole. Your surgeon will also leave the margin of healthy skin if required. However, the mole doesn’t need any treatment but if you feel self-conscious because of the mole or if it bothers you then you must consult your doctor or dermatologist for removing the mole surgically. Let’s know about the method of mole removal surgery. Mole Removal on Face.

The type of procedure of a method for mole removal surgery depends on the size and location of the surgery. Below mentioned are the procedures used for eliminating moles. 

  • 1. Shaving 
  • 2. Surgical excision 
  • 3. Punch 
  • 4. Radiofrequency 
  • 5. Cryotherapy 
  • 6. Laser mole removal

All these above methods can be used to remove moles from different parts of the body. When you notice a change in color, size, and symmetry of the existing mole then you must consult your doctor for mole removal surgery. 

Laser Mole Removal 

During this procedure, your surgeon will use a burst of light radiation for removing or destroying the mole. A laser mole removal procedure can be a great choice for removing moles from ears, face, and other sensitive areas. This procedure is mainly used for flat, small, and benign moles. It may need a few more sessions for eliminating the mole properly. Moreover, this procedure is known as the safe method for mole removal. This procedure will only take 30 minutes or less and you can immediately return to your normal activities. 

How is the Procedure Carried Out?

Intense light bursts are used in laser therapy to gradually eliminate moles by dissolving the melanin pigment clot in the skin. To completely eliminate the mole with this procedure, typically requires two or three sessions. It can treat multiple moles at a time, however it is not beneficial for removing deeper moles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Mole Removal

This procedure has various benefits which are mentioned below.

  • 1. This procedure can help in treating multiple moles at a time or in a single session.
  • 2. It won’t harm the surrounding tissues and will lead to minimal disturbances.
  • 3. This is a non-invasive method that leads to minimal chances of any injury or infection.
  • 4. Laser light or radiation can help in removing moles from the nose, ears, face, or areas difficult to reach during other procedures. 
  • 5. You can get immediate results with the quickest recovery time. 
  • 6. With this procedure, there are very few chances of scarring. 

These above mentioned are the merits of laser mole removal. However, there are some demerits of this procedure. One of the major demerit of laser surgery is that the laser radiation light cannot penetrate deeply into the skin, it is only helpful in eliminating surface or flat moles. Additionally, laser treatment is not advised when a mole is found to be precancerous since the laser beam will completely destroy the mole, leaving nothing that can be utilized for a biopsy. Large moles or birthmarks are also rarely treated with lasers. The size, position, and quantity of moles will all affect how much it will cost to have them removed using laser therapy. In some circumstances, more than one session can be necessary, and this could also affect how much the operation will cost. 

Possible Side Effects of Laser Mole Removal 

Laser mole removal has lower chances of complications or risks if compared to other methods. This procedure has a lower risk of scars because the use of laser light breaks the pigmentation without harming the skin. No cust will be made during this method which further helps in lowering the risk of infection. However, in rare cases, the mole might regrow and in such cases, you must consult your doctor. It may also leave little scars which depend on the size of the mole. 

Atypical or Dysplastic Moles

Atypical moles, commonly referred to as dysplastic nevi, are moles with uncommon appearances and irregular features. Even though they are benign, you must be concerned about them because atypical moles raise the risk of melanoma, a serious skin disease.

You might develop an abnormal or atypical mole anywhere on your body. These moles can have a wide range of appearances. Knowing your skin is the best advice. Keep a record of every mole you possess. This gives you the best opportunity to notice anything new, altering, or unusual so that you can connect with your dermatologist as soon as possible.

Why is Mole Removal Important?

Most probably it is not necessary to treat moles but, it could be relevant if you notice the signs and symptoms of cancer. When you notice changes in the appearance of the moles such as size, color, texture, and shape then it may be a sign of cancer. All these reasons make mole removal an important procedure. 

If you also want to get rid of moles and notice abnormal changes in the existing mole then you must consult with Glamyo Health. We provide a free consultation to our patients, no-cost EMI or zero interest option, personalized care, and a Care Buddy who will be with you during the procedure to assuring that the procedure is going well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can moles return after laser removal surgery ?

Yes, in some cases it may recur after the surgery. However, most probably, it removes the mole permanently. 

Can deeper moles be treated with a laser?

No, the laser mole removal procedure can only treat flat, small, and non-cancerous moles. 

Which method is more effective?

Yes, laser surgery is better than other procedures as it has lower chances of risks and complications. This is best for removing moles from specific areas such as ears, face, and sensitive areas.  

Can face moles be removed?

Yes, except for the cancerous moles all types of moles can be removed with minimally invasive surgery. 

What is the cost of  remove a mole on your face?

The average cost of mole removal is about 5000 INR. However, it depends on the size and number of moles. It also depends on the type of procedure used for mole removal. 

Is mole removal on the face worth it?

Yes, Mole removal will definitely be worth it as it helps in preventing the spread of precancerous and cancerous cells. 

What is the best way to remove moles from your face?

A laser mole removal procedure can be the best surgery for removing moles from the face. You can freely consult with Glamyo Health for laser mole removal. 

Is laser mole removal safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to remove a mole with a laser as it has lower risks compared to other methods.

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