Circumcision is a surgical procedure that removes the foreskin or prepuce from the Glace of the penis. Circumcision is a centuries-old practice that is carried out all across the world for a variety of religious, cultural, and health reasons. Circumcision is done with a variety of equipment and techniques all around the world. The Mogen clamp is a recent technology, which is used for Circumcision. Mogen Clamp technique is usually used for Infants, but Can the Mogen Clamp be used on Adults Go through this article till the end to know it all in an elaborate way. Mogen Clamp Used on Adults.

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Can the Mogen Clamp be Used on Adults?

The Mogen clamp is a surgical instrument used to circumcise a patient quickly and efficiently. It’s most typically utilized during the baby stage for circumcision. But can be used on Men of any age. It is mostly used on babies due to its swiftness and efficiency. The Mogen clamp is widely used all over the world.

In the newborn version, two flat blades of the clamp opens 2.5 mm. The foreskin is stretched initially with many straight hemostats. The Mogen clamp is then slipped across the foreskin. After ensuring that the glans tip is clear of the blades, the clamp is secured, and the skin is sliced from the flat (top) side of the clamp using a scalpel. For newborns, sutures are not required. Outside of the newborn period, sutures can be replaced with cyanoacrylate tissue glue.

What is the Mogen Clamp Working Procedure?

The Mogen clamp is the prototype shield and clamp method. The prepuce is drawn out distal to the glans and slid over it with a metal shield distal to the glans in this approach. The excess prepuce distal to the shield is removed using a knife. The shield protects the glans, and the frenulum is unaffected by the excision.

After healing, the inner preputial layer can be split back beyond the glans and removed, revealing the glans fully. The incision is simply wrapped to achieve hemostasis; no stitches are utilised. The glans and frenulum are covered from the knife, ensuring that they do not come into touch with it.

Benefits of Using the Mogen Clamp:

  • 1. The Mogen clamp is simple to use, requires no assembly, and results in a bloodless circumcision with minimal scarring.
  • 2. A single size can be utilised for infants, eliminating any sizing errors.
  • 3. It’s rapid, albeit a five-minute clamping time is required to control postoperative bleeding.
  • 4. Because the instrument isn’t left on the penis, any problems develop right away and may be dealt with on the spot.
  • 5. Non-physician healthcare professionals can safely use the clamp in resource-constrained contexts.

Complications of Using the Mogen Clamp:

  • 1. Care must be taken to ensure that the device is properly sanitized between procedures, otherwise infection may spread.
  • 2. Because the glans are not covered by the instrument during the procedure, they may be dragged into the slit and crushed or partially severed.

Mogen clamp disorders are infrequent and Rare. It is considered one of the safest circumcision technique.

Mogen Clamp’s Origins:

The word Mogen is derived from the Hebrew word Mogen, which means “shield.” In 1955, Dr. Harry Bronstein devised the Mogen clamp. Before the Mogen clamp, the Jewish shield was used, which had a narrow gap that protected the glans as the foreskin was dragged through and removed. Others tinkered with the shield and started using crushing devices. Bone cutters are still used in many parts of the world to protect the glans, compress the foreskin tissue, and guide the knife for a clean incision. The Mogen clamp has refined these antiquated methods.

Hence, Mogen Clamp can be used for any male, irrespective of their Age.

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