Vertex pharmaceuticals is not considering the cystic fibrosis drug to be sold in poorer countries, even India. The miracle drug, Trikafta has been proven beneficial to thousands of cystic fibrosis diagnosed patients living in the United States of America and Europe. 

The Boston based biotech company, Vertex, is not allowing the miracle drug to be sold to the Indian pharmaceutical markets as well as other developing nations. The company CEO is blocking the potential generic competitors by seeking patents in numerous nations. 

Across the majority of Asian countries, Latin America and Africa, families are struggling to buy this drug to transform the lives of thousands of cystic fibrosis diagnosed patients, but their efforts have waisted as the drug was blocked by the company at every turn to achieve it themselves. 

Trikafta, is a most powerful cystic fibrosis drug, prescribed 3 times a day to the cystic fibrosis patients. The cost price for this drug is $322,000 annually in the United States,  it is expected to cost millions of dollars over the course of a patient’s lifetime.

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