Vaginoplasty includes narrowing the vagina and correcting its tissue for numerous medical conditions.

Vaginoplasty is performed for the following medical reasons.

  • 1. For reverting to normal vaginal laxity that may get altered after giving birth to a child that comes out of the uterus or the womb ( where a baby grows in its complete conformation ) from the birth canal or vagina
  • 2. Vaginal laxity also becomes a problem and a matter of concern for older women.
  • 3. For correcting congenital disabilities associated with the vagina
  • 4. Some acquired deformities may occur because of certain diseases like tumors, cancers, or trauma.


Congenital syndromes creating the need for vaginoplasty include 

  • 1. Rokitansky syndrome (leads to vaginal agenesis)
  • 2. Vaginal atresia
  • 3. Transverse vaginal band
  • 4. Imperforate hymen
  • 5. Atresia of the lower vagina
  • 6. Intersex conditions
  • 7. Androgen insensitivity
  • 8. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
  • 9. Gonadal dysgenesis

Acquired conditions 

  • 1. Extensive pelvic surgery (in case of tumors)
  • 2. Trauma
  • 3. Vaginal prolapse
  • 4. Pelvic floor weakness
  • 5. Vaginal laxity after childbirth 
  • 6. Aging 

In the case of vaginal dimple, vaginoplasty is used in different forms using various techniques for creating a neovagina.

Vechietti’s method – It uses continuous traction on the abdominal wall using olive or silicone beads to fill up vaginal dimples. Enough amount of force for traction is applied to insert the olive inwards. The olive has a thread attached to it that needs to tighten daily. 

Balloon vaginoplasty –  In this method, space is created via balloon dilation.

In case of the absence of vaginal tissues, specific radical techniques are applied like:

Intestinal vaginoplasty: This method uses a graft or segment of the vascularized section from the patient’s colon or ileum for grafting into the vagina.  

McIndoe vaginoplasty: This method involves expanding rectovesical space and inserting a suitable skin graft from the patient’s buttocks.

William’s vaginoplasty: A technique involving the sutures on labia minora to design a pocket-like structure that resembles a vagina hence creating a neovagina. 

Few modifications in labial tissue to make a deep pouch aiming at comfortable and more satisfactory sexual intercourse. 

Buccal mucosa: Use buccal lining to form a neo-vagina as they have advanced healing properties, eventually a tiny recovery time with minimal scarring.

Don flap: The method uses tissues of the clitoral hood or labia minora to create a vagina. In conditions when the use of labia minora is made for labial surgery, eventual cervical dilation occurs, leading to larger vaginal space.

Intersex Conditions

Transgender individuals need sex conversion, which is done as a three-stage procedure of penile inversion and creation of female genitalia.

Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal laxity inhibits sexual pleasure in women. Modern techniques like laser tightening use carbon dioxide lasers to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and control injuries. Consequently, new supportive tissues are regenerated, and vaginal mucosa is tightened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone get a vaginoplasty?

Reasons to get vaginoplasty 

  • 1. Construct vagina 
  • 2. Repair vagina
  • 3. Manage vaginal injury
  • 4. Treat pelvic floor disease
  • 5. Create transgender vagina

How do you know if you need vaginal reconstruction?

  • 1. After radiation therapy
  • 2. Congenital abnormalities 
  • 3. Loose vagina

Myths and Facts


On changes in sex life on aging


Aging is a significant factor affecting the sexual life of women.


Vagina issues have only surgical treatment 


There are various non-surgical procedures to solve various vaginal issues.


Vaginoplasty is only for sexual pleasure


Vaginoplasty is also done to resolve medical issues

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