It is a condition where the male hormones are reduced, and the female hormones increase, i.e., testosterone and estrogen. The tissues of the chest get swollen due to changes in male hormones. This condition is called gynecomastia which can affect one or both breasts and sometimes unevenly. Due to this, men or boys feel discomfort and pain in their chest that may embarrass them. We can identify this issue by its sign and symptoms, which are a pain in the chest, swollen breast tissue, breast tenderness, nipple sensitivity when rubbing clothes, and sometimes it is not noticeable.                      

Causes of Male Breast

  • 1. Due to low testosterone levels, men’s breasts may enlarge because men’s bodies start producing female hormones.
  • 2. Obesity may affect the size of the breasts in men because it has excess fatty tissue.
  • 3. Taking medications and drugs can cause enlargement in the breast of men, and those drugs are marijuana, opioids, an anabolic steroid, etc.
  • 4. Certain conditions also cause breast enlargement that as adrenal tumors, alcoholism, kidney disease, and liver and thyroid disease.  
  • 5. Andropause this condition is similar to menopause in women. In middle age, the production of sex hormones get decreases, and it may cause hair loss, gynecomastia, and insomnia.  
  • 6. In infants, this may occur when they are drinking their mother’s milk.   

Side effects of Male Breast

After surgery, men can see the side effects like bruising, bleeding, fluid collections, visible scarring, inverted nipples, numbness in nipples, loose breast skin, etc. that’s why you need to choose some board-certified doctors for the best treatment.

What foods cause Men breasts?

  • 1. Soy products
  • 2. Deep-fried and packed food
  • 3. Frozen meats and poultry
  • 4. Beer and alcohol
  • 5. Dairy products
  • 6. Beetroot

These food products contain estrogens and can increase the level of estrogen in the male body. So males have to avoid eating these products.

How long does it take for man boobs to disappear?

  • 1. In non-surgical treatment, it may take months or years to lose man boobs.
  • 2. In surgical treatment, it is a permanent, scar-less procedure, and in daycare treatment and men can get recover in a few weeks as it is a faster process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call a man with a female breast?

This condition is known as gynecomastia. 

Do male breasts have the same breast tissue as female breasts?

A healthy man has fatty tissues with few stroma and ducts that are highly distinctive from women’s breasts, where glandular tissue, stroma, and ducts predominate. 

Why do men have breasts?

Even though all men make some estrogen, males typically have far higher levels of testosterone, which prevents the estrogen from encouraging the growth of breast tissue. A man’s breasts may enlarge if the hormone balance in his body changes.

Why would a man have breasts?

The major reasons or causes are obesity, genetics, and hormone replacement therapies.

Is it true that a man can have breasts like that of a woman?

Males and females have breasts. The male breast’s structure is pretty similar to that of the female breast, with the exception that it lacks the specific lobules that are necessary for the female breast to produce milk.

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