Scientists have also made birth control pills for men, which can be successful in preventing the pregnancy of the partner without harming their health of men. But earlier, contraceptive pills were available only for women in the market. According to the report, two experimental birth control pills made for men are ready to hit the market. After the trial, it has been found that these pills worked to stop sperm production.

Latest Research on Male Birth Control Pills

Researchers say that these pills can be a better alternative to male contraception than condoms or sterilization. According to researcher Tamar Jacobsohn, the use of male contraceptive pills will increase family planning options for men and women and will also help a lot in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Men will be able to play a more active role in family planning before business insiders spoke to three people who took part in the trial of male contraception and shared their experiences.

Researchers have been doing research on male contraception for a long time. Recent trials show that male birth control pills provide synthetic hormones to the body, which inhibit natural testosterone. Sperm also decreases due to low testosterone, which reduces the risk of pregnancy. But along with this, low testosterone also leads to erectile dysfunction, depression and decrease in muscle mass.

 According to researchers from the University of Washington’s Center for Research in Reproduction and Contraception (CRRC), the lack of investment by pharmaceutical companies and delays in understanding men’s preferences led to delays in exploring alternatives to male contraception. But according to a recently published study, a research was done in which 100 men took male contraceptive pills for 28 days. Out of 100 people, 75 percent want to take the pills again.

In the trial of CRRC, three people who participated in these trials shared their experiences. Men taking birth control pills reported a range of weight gain to loss of arousal after their clinical trials.

 1. Decreased arousal and felt relaxed

 Storm Benjamin reported that after consuming the pills in the clinical trial, he saw a decrease in his own arousal and he felt relaxed. While Storm was scrolling through Facebook, she saw an ad about participating in a trial of male contraception. After seeing the ed, she took part in the CRRC trial in 2018 and then asked her to take male contraceptive pills daily for 12 weeks after a high-fat meal.

 According to previous research, the dosage of pills is more effective on a high-fat diet. Storm’s semen test was done once a month and around 1.18 lakh or $1500 was given as compensation. Benjamin told that he did not have any negative side effects. I just felt less excitement and more relaxation. 

2. Rufaro Huggins Gained Weight

 Rufaro Huggins also participated in the trial of the male contraceptive pill. When 40-year-old Rufaro decided to join the CRRC trial, he was also given a dose of pills along with a high-fat diet. He had participated in medicine trials several times since 2016. He told that he did not notice any changes emotionally, only that his body weight had increased by two-three pounds (1-1.5 kg). Rufaro is a professional marathon runner, so he could follow his routine well. Rufaro believes that men can do a lot in society because it becomes our responsibility. Rufar said that the pressure on men to have children or not is less on men than on women.

3. Have been part of the trial for 20 years

 Steve Owens and his wife were not satisfied with the existing birth control methods, so they have been participating in male contraceptive trials for the last 20 years. He had heard about the recent trial on the radio. After getting information, he joined the trial of CRRC. He participated in trials of prison, transplant, injection and more recently pills. They did not feel any side effects, so they are constantly involved in these trials.

Will help in preventing unwanted pregnancy

 According to Tamar Jacobson, lead researcher of the Contraceptive Development Program at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the US, the methods of pregnancy in men are currently sterilization and condoms, which are the only contraceptive options available for women. are quite limited in comparison. Exploring effective contraceptive methods for men will have a good health effect by reducing unwanted pregnancies in both men and women. This will help men to play an active role in family planning as well.

 Jacobson further said, “Positive results by men in clinical trials and willingness to re-use the drug will potentially give new heights to male birth control in the times to come.”

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