Liquid Items Avoid in Piles – Are you facing difficulties while passing stools? Does it bother or give discomfort to have uncontrollable pressure or strain while bowel movements? Don’t you worry, you aren’t the only one. 

Many have reported this and this condition is termed piles or haemorrhoids. Here is a prepared list of the liquid items that you need to avoid and what you can easily replace them with. By doing so, we ensure you will have a quick improvement in your bowel movement and overall health condition. 

Liquid items to avoid in Piles

Piles is a condition completely associated with stools that you flush out while bowel movements. The condition of piles or haemorrhoids occurs specifically with the person experiencing hard or dried stools that do not regulate properly. 

Liquids play a very crucial role in its proper flushing out, as it softens the stools and easily cleanse the body. But liquids like Alcohol drinks, aerated drinks, cold water, low-fat milk and caffeine intake lessen this proper flow and rather harden the stools even further. 

Some healthy liquid options 

At the same time, many might wonder, if we avoid it, it’s fine. But what can be added in its replacement? , following are some good replacement liquid diet options to have a smooth bowel movement and get rid of piles. 


The top liquid option is certainly drinking plenty of water daily. It has always been, is and will always remain the best remedy to fight ailments like plies and haemorrhoids. It helps in reducing inflammation and maintaining the hygiene of the body. 

In the case of treating pies, this condition is related to bowel movement. To make the stools soft, one of the ideal ways is to drink warm water, first thing in the morning. It gives your whole body, a boost. 


There are plenty of Fruit and vegetable juices that are highly beneficial for the proper metabolism of the body. it brings energy and strength to the body. Most importantly, helps to fight multiple ailments. 


One of the best booster items that we can find in the kitchen is certainly lemons. Lemons are rich to fight inflammation and power up one’s overall health. Mixing lemon juice with warm water is a very healthy drink option. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a piles patient drink milk? 

Milk is considered a low-fat product. Thus, if suffering from piles, products like milk, cheese and other dairy products need to be avoided, especially till the recovery from piles is not fully achieved. As these products can trigger as well as increase complications in patients. 

Which is one of the best juices for piles? 

Complications or pain from piles can be easily cured, especially with healthy juices made naturally from fruits and vegetables. A few of the tasty and healthiest juices can be apple juice or mixed fruit juice. 

What can trigger or worse piles? 

A few of the quick causes of piles that are the result of its occurrence or being worse eventually are weight imbalance, doing strenuous activities regularly, pregnancy, pressure while passing stools, feeling constipated or bloated stomach or excessively sitting on the toilet.  

Is having curd good for piles? 

Yes, buttermilk or curd has a probiotic content that has multiple benefits for each individual, especially for patients with piles ailment. 

Adding a bowl full of curd to your breakfast or lunch meal can do wonders to your digestive system. Also, it will improve your bowel movement by softening the stools so that it passes smoothly.

Is having ice cream good for patients with piles? 

Just like milk, ice creams fall under the low fiber items which need to be avoided if suffering from piles. Piles rather require a diet which has high fiber content in it like rich fruits and vegetables for perfectly regulating bowel movements.

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