Liposuction Surgery Before and After – Wondering what is a Liposuction condition? Liposuction surgery before and after overview gives a detailed clarity of this cosmetic surgery. It also clears the path to preparing the patient for taking surgery as well as taking care post-surgery during recovery time. 

Liposuction has recently gained popularity in many countries. Many people opt for this cosmetic restructuring to achieve a reduction of belly fat that otherwise doesn’t easily get reduced through exercises or other mediums.

Liposuction surgery before and after

Curious to know what it takes for Liposuction surgery. It simply requires preparation before the surgery and precautions after surgery for a safe recovery. 

Preparation before liposuction surgery preparation includes the following points to be taken care of. 

  • 1. Immediately quit smoking and drinking alcohol 
  • 2. Have a proper medical diagnosis 
  • 3. Avoid any kind of supplements 
  • 4. Limit your medications after proper consultation with the doctor 

Precaution after liposuction surgery After the surgical process is fully done, get it 


  • 1. Rest well
  • 2. Take proper dosage 
  • 3. Keep your body active 
  • 4. Get proper healing 
  • 5. Healthy diet and 
  • 6. Have plenty of water 
  • 7. Wear comfortable clothes 


  • 1. Avoid heavy lifting or exercising 
  • 2. Don’t get overweight 
  • 3. Avoid alcohol 
  • 4. Eliminate foods that contain high sodium

Most popular types of Liposuction 

Liposuction has become such a popular treatment in the modern day. Many people started to take this surgery to get ease from loosed fat or excessive fat collected in different parts of the body. Thus, multiple forms of treatment are now available to choose from. 

Thigh liposuction surgery before and after

The process involves removing the inner as well as outer thighs excessive fat that has been bothering the patient. As the previous condition depicts how overly grown condition of excessive fat is suffered by the patients around the thighs. 

Whereas, after surgery, a complete restructuring is seen, this improved shape of the thighs is desired by most of the patients. Also, the method used is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. 

Non-surgical Liposuction surgery before and after

Certainly, with the advancement of technology especially in the medical industry, non-surgical treatments are now available to treat the condition in a non-surgical way. 

This includes Lipodissolve, Liposonix ultrasound, Thermage and Mesotherapy. The benefit of this treatment especially is, that it is not risky, girts healed fast and are affordable. 

Smart lipo Procedure before and after Another significant way one can get Liposuction surgery is through this smart Lipo surgical treatment. This means avoiding alcohol completely. 

This type of surgery lasts, the pain is expected to be minimalistic and post-care involves proper care, avoiding certain pressure-putting activities and taking regular medications. 

How long does it take to recover from liposuction

After Liposuction surgery, generally, a patient can return to their routine life within two weeks. Though, the other factors too involved in the speed of the recovery such as

  • 1. Going for regular checkups with your doctor
  • 2. Maintaining a good diet rich in healthy food and drinking more fluids 
  • 3. Avoiding any kind of heavy weight lifting activities or strenuous activities till the time the doctor doesn’t approve of it.

What does liposuction look like after surgery

After Liposuction surgery the patients commonly experience some amount of visible discomfort, pain, swelling and redness. The area where the incision is made usually is a minimally invasive incision. This cut needs time to completely heal. Thus, initially during the recovery days, the visible scar is normal.

Liposuction side effects long term

Liposuction surgery, despite being a successful surgical treatment 

  • 1. Medical problems related to heart and kidney. 
  • 2. Numbness, vomiting or nausea. 
  • 3. Having fluid accumulation. 
  • 4. Various ailment-related infections. 
  • 5. Regulation of the contour can be felt.
  • 6. Getting an internal puncture.
  • 7. Even fat embolism can be felt.
  • 8. Another complication can involve Lidocaine toxicity.

When to see a doctor?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the disadvantages of liposuction?

The disadvantages of Liposuction can be such as, result in discolouration, and contour irregularities, not equally ideal for aged people due to their loose skin condition, risk of allergies or skin infections, and can result in skin burn and pulmonary embolism. 

Q. How much weight do you lose with liposuction?

Liposuction treatment results in the patient’s weight loss condition. Usually, a person undergoing this treatment loses an estimation of 5 pounds. Whereas, the recent updates have allowed for Liposuction surgery to remove a maximum of 11 pounds of weight. 

Q. Is liposuction surgery painful?

Liposuction is a surgical method that requires the surgeon to do it under local anaesthesia. Thus, pain during the surgery won’t be felt and the area is put to numbness. 

But, post-surgery, during the initial recovery time, when the dose of anaesthesia gets over, temporary pain is normally expected. This pain will go away eventually. 

Q. Does liposuction leave loose skin?

The best thing about Liposuction surgery is, that it doesn’t give any sagging or loose skin. It is a safe procedure that rather pulls back any kind of fat that is hanging in the body or making the person look overweight. 

Q. Is liposuction worth the money?

The patients reported with Liposuction surgery done as of now have expressed a sense of freedom and satisfaction after getting the lipo surgery done. 

The risk is very less and it has rather been a successful treatment for most of the patients. Thus, it is said to be money well spent.

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