Liposuction is one of the most famous methods for body forming strategies. The fat deposits are eliminated by Liposuction surgeon in Bangalore that one can’t eliminate with low carbs or exercises. Thus, liposuction assists with accomplishing wanted body shape by eliminating fat stores that are available between the muscle and skin. This body shaping system for all time eliminates greasy tissues and the outcomes are never-ending assuming the patient keeps up with his/her weight constantly.

Cost of Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction Surgery in Bangalore goes from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000.The expense may anyway vary starting with one patient then onto the next relying upon different variables like specialist’s conference charge, region of the body where medical procedure is to be performed, seriousness of condition, lab test and assessment tests, sort of method and innovation utilised, fundamental ailments, skin issues, and so forth.

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Optimal Contender for Liposuction Surgery in Bangalore:

1. Non-smoker and non-alcoholic
2. Should be over 18 years old
3. The individuals who need to accomplish a sleeker body form
4. The individuals who have an inspirational perspective and practical assumptions with the methodology
5. The individuals who are not experiencing any medical issue and perilous infection
6. The individuals who are not overweight but rather experiencing fat stores in explicit regions like cheeks, arms, posterior, thighs, stomach and so forth

Note: It isn’t a treatment for stoutness and doesn’t assist with eliminating stretch imprints and cellulite. One should likewise recall that in the event that somebody gains weight after the strategy, the outcomes are not dependable.

The Techniques Utilized for Liposuction Surgery :

For liposuction Surgery in Bangalore at Glamyo Health we have various significant alterations to the standard attractions helped liposuction accessible like UAL (ultrasound-helped liposuction), PAL (power-helped liposuction), VASER, and laser-helped liposuction.

1. UAL (Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction)

In this method, the fat is condensed before evacuation by focusing on the fat cells with the ultrasound waves. Thus, this strategy utilises sound energy waves that crack the fat cells dividers, and afterward the melted fat is suctioned out. It permits more exact expulsion of fat stores and increases skin constriction.

2. Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

In this strategy, an extraordinary cannula that makes small and quick vibrations is utilised to break the fat cells, and eliminate this fat out of the patient’s body. This technique assists the specialist with controlling the liposuction interaction, and this assists them with playing out the fat expulsion methodology definitively. This strategy assists the specialist with eliminating more fat in a brief timeframe and accomplishes better outcomes, and quicker recuperation. The particular cannula utilised in this method permits more modest cuts and vibrating tips of the PAL make this system safe in view of its exact and more modest movements. This permits the specialist to target just the particular region and makes no harm to the encompassing body tissues.


This is another age liposuction procedure that specialises and reshapes the body as per one’s fantasy and want. It utilises ultrasound energy to dissolve the fat cells, and afterward a flimsy cylinder cannula is utilised to eliminate the fat. This interaction is powerful in eliminating bigger volumes and denser insignificant fat. The technique utilises a less forceful methodology, subsequently, the recuperation is quicker. During the treatment, bloated fluid is infused into the body region. The vibration releases the fat cells and emulsifies the distended fluid that is infused into the objective region. Therefore, the emulsification interaction begins, and with the assistance of a little cannula, the fluid and fat cells are taken out. The saline utilised in this cycle causes less swelling, dying, and safeguards the other body tissues.

4. Laser-Assisted Liposuction

This strategy consolidates adipocyte interruption with laser and afterward expulsion of the broken up fat with the assistance of cannula. In this technique, the distended fluid is infused in the objective region, and in the following stage, a laser fiber is set underneath the skin that assists with dissolving the fat, and afterward pull cannula eliminates this softened fat. In this manner, the technique is delicately contrasted with the conventional liposuction strategy, and generally, there is less expanding and swelling with laser-helped liposuction. The hotness conveyed by the laser likewise animates the formation of new collagen and assists with making the skin smoother and fixed.

Our Services

Glamyo Health offers a high level Liposuction surgery in Bangalore which is a suitable choice for the individuals who are hoping to eliminate additional areas of fat for clinical, physical and for various other reasons. It offers a group of affirmed Liposuction Surgeon in Bangalore who have 21 years of involvement with the area and have done Liposuction Treatment in Bangalore with extraordinary consideration. These specialists’ techniques are both cheap and advanced so you get a treatment with the least distress and best calibre.

They Perform liposuction surgery in Bangalore with a customised treatment plan and a fast medical procedure followed by an expedient recovery. Following the medical procedure, there is no risk of recurrence and a lower opportunity of disease. How quick you recover from the medical procedure relies upon how well you stick to the post-employable guidelines suggested by the specialists.

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